Queen of Elves and Men


Farwell : Written for the Elves

Like the slow ebb of the waves
In the shadow of the moon,
I know our time has come
But has it come to soon?
Beyond these earthly borders,
Lies memory and past.
We leave to a golden sunrise,
But so much will be lost.
Warm tears are my only comfort
As my heart is ripped in two.
Farewell, I pray remember me
As I will remember you.

Into the West(and back)

“It is often said, that the choices we make, are the choices we live by. No choice concerning the heart is ever an easy one, as I have come to learn…

My palfrey neighs gently, and I am brought back from my restless thoughts. The day has just begun, though to me, it feels as though it will never end. I look beyond the solemn faces that surround me, beyond the new buds on the trees, beyond the road that lies ahead. All these things seem so meaningless, for my heart cannot take joy in the serenity of my journey, for a journey away from love is like a star ripped from the sky. No light can pierce my shadowed heart, thus, my mind dwells back to you…Ah Estel, vanimelda nin.

The leaves of an oak are quick to turn, at a season’s will, yet hearts too grow roots, and one colour mine stays still. If I could package all my memories and sent them with a dove, it would will it fly in to your arms, and you would know my love. But if I could only chose one, then this one would be good-the memory of our time together in the Golden Wood.

“I remember it all so clearly, the sweet smell of elanor in early morning breeze that stirred me awake. Somehow, the day felt different, though I could not say how. For more than a score I’d dwelt in Lorien, and though its beauty never ceased to amaze me, on that particular morning, it seemed that I was more aware of the daintiness of each flower, and the clear song of the morilinde seemed to echo my own thoughts. The lady Galadriel had been acting rather mysterious that morning, but I did not think to question her, for all that she could say, would be said when she said it. By noon, a strange feeling of anxiety came over me, I felt like a fledgling, waiting for my first flight. I decided to take a stroll along the brook, before dinner. My thoughts must have carried me away, and I found myself thinking back to our first meeting in Imladris. Oh, how I tried not to think of you over these years. But, it was in vain-for; my dreams would always lead me back to a time when things were simpler, and you and I…
And so, as I walked back to the house, you were the constant in my mind.

Upon reaching the house, I was informed that a guest had arrived in our fair wood, and that the Lady had welcomed him with great homage. I cared little for the mystery of the stranger, as my heart was troubled, but I indulged in the Lady’s requests, and I sought out to meet him.

Beneath the birches there was no stranger, there was only you, looking tall and stern. In that moment, I feared that you would have forgotten me. But your eyes shone brightly as you searched my own face for recognition. Oh, how you had changed. The boy that I had come to love had grown up into a man that I did not know. But, then you took my hand and as you uttered my name, I knew that time didn’t matter. You were still that timid young man who had sung me a song under the trees in Imladris.

Not many are fortunate enough to experience quintessential happiness in the course of their existence, but I felt nothing less in those few weeks that we spent together. When you laid me down among the niphredil and elanor, I knew that you could hear my beating heart, but you kissed me, so softly, and I feared that I would melt into you. When I had given you all that I had, you lay upon my breast, and I knew that nothing mattered but that moment. As we plighted our troth upon the hill of Cerin Amroth, I swore to you that I would forsake the immortal life of my people, and yet now, I am running.”

The day is almost over now, and first stars are beginning to appear. Can you see them I wonder? But now I know, I cannot spend the rest of my long years wondering about a love not yet lost…with haste, I must turn back.

The unfaltering light of the Evenstar grows dimmer with this test, now I say farewell to the rest of my heart that rides into the West.

To Frodo

Dear Frodo Baggins of the Shire,
Your deed is great, though your courage thin,
Forget the worry in your soul,
And find the strength that lies within.

Dear little one of unknown valor,
The fate of all rests within your heart.
Do not fear the impending darkness,
For righteousness too shall play its part.

Dear halfling, whose eyes now grow dark,
Renounce the evil that shadows you,
Hold on to hands that help you up,
And may those hands help your heart stay true.

Dear tiny hero who has saved us all,
You have faced all evil in your grievous test.
You have shaped the futures of us all,
May you now go home, and dream of rest.

A Plea to Fallen Stars

The sunset hails your passing,
And the grey cloud now appears
As shadow darkens my broken heart,
And shatters my frozen tears.
And all that is about me, my loveliness and grace
Has faded into nothingness
Like the stars within your face.

No longer does the sun rise,
With warmth and tender light
The moon has claimed my spirit
While the dust has heard my plight.
Alone, under the open sky,
I walk in search of you,
Though looking, never finding
The wound has cut right through.

The winter hails my passing,
I stand to face my fate
The niphredil sways softly-
I feel no need to wait
And all that was about me, my loneliness and haste
Has faded into nothingness
As I wait to see your face.