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My Fanfics

The Nilmé Series

This is my own little Aragorn and Legolas fanfic series... enjoy!

Hope and Greenleaf - How Aragorn and Legolas met... with a little help from the Twins of course... Rating: PG Category: General Link:

An Inseparable Duo - Aragorn and Legolas' friendship goes back a long way... here's a little misadventure from their younger years... Rating: PG Category: Action/Adventure/Drama Link:

Fight Your Fears - Sometimes, all it takes is a good friend to help you fight your fears... for even the most small and trivial fears may hide scars of the past... Rating: PG Category: Action/Adventure/Drama Link:

Woes of the World - Third in The Nilmé Series. Estel, fed up of being told he is too young to go hunting by himself, goes off on his own. Worried when a snowstorm begins, Legolas goes out after him. Unfortunately, the teenage human quickly learns just why rules are made... Rating: PG Category: General/Drama Link:

Red Sun Rising - Fourth in The Nilmé Series. A red sun rises on Rivendell after the Twins, Estel, and Legolas go hunting. Glorfindel, determined to find them, goes out in search, but he could never imagine what he finds... Rating: PG Category: Angst/Drama Link:


Through Hell and High Water - Fifth in The Nilmé Series. Out on a hunting trip with Elladan, Elrohir, and Hallataulë, a freak and unforeseen flood threatens to take Estel away before his time... and Legolas with him... Rating: PG Category: Angst/Drama Link:


These are also my fanfics, but not part of the Nilmé Series. They all have something to do with Legolas and Aragorn, but also involve the other characters as well... enjoy!

Orcs! - Post ROTK. After hearing some rumors of Orcs not far from Minas Tirith, Legolas and Gimli set out to find out more about them. However, things dont go quite according to plan... and there is more to these Orcs than meets the eye... Rating: PG Category: Action/Adventure/Drama Link:

Hearts of Stone - During a much deserved visit to Gimli's home, something from many years ago puts Aragorn and Legolas into great danger. However, it is rather difficult for them to escape. Now Gimli must strive to save his friends- will he be able to? Rating: PG Category: Action/Adventure/Drama Link:

A Yuletide Tale - On Yuletide's Eve, Legolas manages to almost single-handedly wreck Yuletide by causing Santa to fall from the roof. There's only one way all the children will get their gifts; the Elf will have to do Santa's job for the night... Rating: G Category: General Link:

The Troubles With Elven Harmonicas - In an attempt to annoy Gimli, Legolas starts playing his terrible harmonica... unfortunately, none of the Three Hunters were expecting what happens next... Rating: G Category: Humour Link:

Hunter in the Night - Something is after the Fellowship... and it is taking them down one by one... Rating: PG Category: Mystery/Drama Link:

Others Fanfics

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A Twist of Fate - By randomramblings. Legolas and Aragorn meet a strange group of men while journeying back to the elf's home. They are soon ensnared in a web of mystery and deceit as they become suspects of a murder in the night. Rating: G Category: Action/Adventure/Angst Link:


Unspoken Words - By Spades. Aragorn ran and stayed hidden for five years; hidden from his mistakes that cost a friend. Can he face his errors and overcome the fear that has plagued him for five years? Can his friends and family bring him back? Rating: PG-13 Category: Action/Adventure/Angst Link:

Order of Glaurung - By Spades. Sequel to 'Unspoken Words'. Aragorn is haunted by nightmares that lead him on a wild adventure. Legolas receives a warning and chases after his friend to warn him for his life. Rating: PG-13 Category: Action/Adventure/Angst Link:


The Sound of Silence - By Deana. Legolas hears rumors of a forest south of Mirkwood that contains no living things, whether people or animals. He and Aragorn take a trip to find out if it is true…not knowing that the journey may cost Legolas his life.
Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:

Tears of a Soul - By Deana. A moment of confusion and desperation threatens to tragically end the friendship of Legolas and Aragorn…as well as the Elf's life. Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:

Defying Death - By Deana. (Sequel to Tears of a Soul!) Legolas, Aragorn, and the twins get into MAJOR trouble, which could cost ALL of them their lives...Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:

Race Against Time - By Deana. FINISHED! An elf swore revenge on Thranduil for a deed that was not the King's fault. Millennia later, the elf gets his terrible revenge...on Legolas.
Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:


Athan I Duath - By elfmage. Legolas and Aragorn are captured by orcs, but these are no ordinary orcs. They are brought before the orcs masters, the Dûaphadrim. What does this deadly race want with Aragorn and Legolas? And can the friends stop them before all Arda is destroyed? Rating: PG-13 Category: Action/Adventure/Angst Link:


The Decieved - By Linuvial Greenleaf. Legolas is suspicious with the newest rangers in the group, but after making a promise to Aragorn he lets his suspicions go. He realizes his mistake too late and Aragorn is nearly killed by an enemy spy. Angst galore! Rating: PG-13 Category: Action/Adventure/Angst Link:

Deceptions Dangerous Web - By Linuvial Greenleaf. Legolas and Aragorn's latest adventure is one which they may not escape alive. Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Suspense Link:

Fading Flame - By Linuvial Greenleaf. Aragorn and Legolas have always managed to pull each other back from the brink of death. But they have always wanted to come back. When Aragorn loses his will to fight, can Legolas restore it? Or will he have to say goodbye this time, NO SLASH COMPLETED Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:

Dementia of Love - By Linuvial Greenleaf. (COMPLETED) Revenge and anger can turn anyone to insanity. Revenge and anger have a tendency of reaching new levels previously thought untouched. The twins, Aragorn, and Legolas have touched this precipice and one may not surviveRating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:

Never Alone - By Linuvial Greenleaf. (Sequel to Dementia of Love) Something lurks in the shadows, watching their every move, dark eyes glint in the dark of night...the Peredhils are not alone, and this something will not leave until it has exacted its revenge (COMPLETED)
Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst/Drama Link:


Wildfire! - By Astievia. Aragorn, his brothers, and Legolas were just planning on a calm peaceful hunt, but with dragons, evil men, and a wildfire traps them, their hunt turns all but peaceful. Rating: PG Category: Action/Adventure Link:


This is NOT a link to a story, but instead to the bio of the authors of, what I personally think, the BEST Aragorn and Legolas friendship series EVER. All their stories are on this bio; I'd have put links to them here but there's just SO MANY!!! So, without further delay, I give you...

Cassia and Siobhan's Mellon Chronicles;

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