Name: Nienna

Sex: Female

Appearance: It is stated in Quenta Silmarillion that she cast back her grey hood.

Attributes: Nienna is a Queen of the Valar, and ranks as one of the eight Aratar, the most powerful of the Valar. Grief and mourning are her province and she teaches pity and endurance.

Maia: While Olórin was not officially one of Nienna’s maiar, he went often to her Halls, learning pity and patience.

Home: She has her Halls west of west, on the borders of the world. She rarely goes to Valimar, preferring instead to go to the Halls of Mandos, which are near her own.

Notable accomplishments:

– It is from Nienna’s part of deep sadness in the Music of Ainur that grief entered the world in its beginning.
– She played a role in the creation of the Two Trees of Valinor, shedding tears on the mound of Ezellohar to water it.

– When Melkor destroyed the Two Trees, it was Nienna who came forth to weep on the defiled mound, cleansing it of the filth of Ungoliant. This brought forth the last fruit and flower that became the Sun and the Moon.

Mate: none

Relatives: The sister of Námo and Irmo.

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