Because, yes, I do. I’m not one of those freaky bookfans who has Glorfindel listed as their favourite character and claim Arwen ‘should have stayed at home’.

Admittedly, I was very afraid about how Arwen would turn out when I saw her with a blade in a magazine, and I certainly didn’t like her at first. But I guess I was acting like a purist, and after a while – as I started to dig deeper into the movies, mostly stimulated by conversations I had here in the forums – I began to see that Arwen in the movie really isn’t that different from the Arwen I loved in the books.

One of the things I adored about her character, was her strength and her determination. I always believed her love was one of those things that drove Aragorn, that kept him going. From that point of view, which the film makers obviously shared, it was very important to have her in the movies and have her do something.

I think having her replace Glorfindel was a good idea: most movie fans are confused enough as it is with all the names and faces, and adding another blonde Elf on a horse was not going to help that. I don’t think Glorfindel isn’t very important either, though through his background he points at the Sil and the long history of the Elves.

The scene I like best is the one where she stands behind Aragorn and talks to him about his fears, and their hopes for the future: she seems every inch the wise immortal Elf lady she was to me in the book.