Come on, who does not think Eowyn is the coolest woman in Middle Earth? She killed the Witch King single handed, with some credit to her hobbit pal Merry, and not once do I hear her complain about breaking a nail or how she has a bad case of helmet hair!

However, she can be annoying, such as her obsession with valor. A good example is in the EE version of the The Two Towers when she is begging Aragorn to let her fight instead of staying in the caves with the women and children and ends her argument”Is there no valor in that?” and Aragorn replies with the what will you do when there are no more men speech which shuts her up and she decides to return to the caves with women and children.
But then, wouldn’t you want to fight too instead of taking care of everyone? I would and I defintily would disguse myself. Hope I don’t get killed!

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