Who is Gimli in the movie?
Gimli the Dwarf is one of the remaining members of the Fellowship. Along with Aragorn and Legolas he sets out to rescue Merry and Pippin from the Orcs.

Who was Gimli in the book?
Gimli the Dwarf is one of the remaining members of the Fellowship. Along with Aragorn and Legolas he sets out to rescue Merry and Pippin from the Orcs.

Changes in The Two Towers
The Riders of Rohan
In the film, Gimli is more of a comedic figure. When the three companions encounter the Riders of Rohan, Gimli says little other than asking Éomer’s name and had they seen the Hobbits. In the book, he is a serious figure and is affronted by ill references to Galadriel. He is very defensive of the Lady of the Golden Wood.

The White Rider
In the book Gimli is conflict with his Dwarvish traits of dislike of Elves and his fear of the Lady of the Golden Wood. He is quite childlike. Asking questions and seems to have a need for reassurance. It is Gimli who first sees a bent and hooded figure at the edge of the forest when Hasufel and Arod disappear.
It becomes obvious that Gimli’s friendship with Legolas is growing. His obvious devotion to Galadriel is shown when he is bitterly disappointed that there is no message from her. But his disappointment is turned to joy when Gandalf tells him that there was a message and he dances around, talking in Dwarvish.

In the film Gimli rides with Legolas on Arod. However, once Gandalf reveals himself and they set off for Edoras, Gimli rides with the Wizard on Shadowfax.

Helm’s Deep
In the book Gimli is invited to ride with Éomer on Firefoot to Helm’s Deep. Gimli now feels very much one of the group. As though he was now accepted for who he was.
His friendship with Legolas is growing deeper. They now appear to see each other as brothers-in-arms rather than Dwarf and Elf.

In the film, at the battle of Helm’s Deep, Gimli is with Aragorn and Legolas, but in the book he is separated from them during the battle. No offering of boxes by Legolas for him to see over the battlements. In the book, when the battle is done, he returns with Éomer and has a head wound. His body count is 42, one more that Legolas. Again, the comradeship comes through as Legolas is willing to let Gimli win the game, for the fact that the Dwarf is safe.

Journey to Isengard
Gimli rides with Legolas on the journey to Isengard and it is on this journey that their friendship is sealed. Gimli tells Legolas all about the caves beneath Helm’s Deep, the Glittering Caves and a pact is made that if Gimli visits Fangorn with Legolas, then Legolas will visit the Glittering Caves with Gimli.
When they reach Isengard and are reunited with Merry and Pippin, Gimli is now much more relaxed and I sense feels an equal with everyone.
When Legolas asks Treebeard permission that he and a friend be allowed to enter Fangorn, Treebeard assumes that the ‘friend’ is another Elf, but Legolas reveals that the friend he refers to is Gimli.

Gimli and Legolas in Helm’s Deep by John Howe (detail)

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Gimli & Eomer by aveline

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