Who is Pippin in the movie?
In the Two Towers Merry and Pippin took part to the destruction of Isengard with the Ents and in the beginning of the Return of the King Pippin and Merry are found from Isengard by their friends and they take them to Edoras. Pippin looks into a Palantír and he
has to leave to Minas Tirith with Gandalf. In Minas Tirith Pippin serves Denethor, Steward of Gondor, and at the Black Gate he fighst for the freedom of Middle-Earth. After the war and Aragorn’s coronation he goes home with the other hobbits and later he rides to Grey havens to say good bye to Frodo.

Who is Pippin in the book?
In ‘The Two Towers’ Merry and Pippin took part to the destruction of Isengard with the Ents and in the beginning of ‘The Return of the King’ Pippin rides to Minas Tirith with Gandalf where he serves Denethor, Steward of Gondor, and at the Black Gate he fights for the freedom of Middle-Earth. After the War he goes home with the other hobbits and leads the Scouring of the Shire with them. After the war he lives happy life and later goes to the Grey Havens to say good bye to Frodo.

Katherine Chmiel – The White Wizard (detail)

Changes in the Return of the King
In ‘The Return of the King’ Pippin’s character is quite the same as in the book but his part in the story is only smaller. In the book Pippin’s stay and events in Minas Tirith are quite extensively described and it gives a better idea of Pippin’s feelings, his relationship with Denethor and it also gives a view to other things that happen in Minas Tirith. Pippin’s meeting with characters of Beregond and Bergil is described quite much and many things they say have been put to some other places and characters in the movie.

Scouring of the Shire didn’t make it to the movie and that’s where the book really shows how Pippin as well as Merry and the other hobbits have changed and grown during their adventure. The carefree hobbits who hardly made their way to Bree are brave and self-confident leaders ready to fight for the Hobbits in the Scouring of the Shire. Pippin especially is a young simple hobbit and he has always had at least Merry there as company and help for him. During his adventure he meets many great people, goes through many dangerous situations and finally in Minas Tirith he has to survive alone in the middle of a great war in a strange land. He has to trust himself, make his own decisions and face his fears. All this has an affect on him and makes him a bit mature, self-confident and ready to defend his home and friends. Still he keeps his joyful “hobbit mind” and after the war in the Shire he’s described as “lordly” and “unchanged otherwise, unless indeed more fairspoken and more jovial and full of merriment than ever before.” [6.IX.]

The Movie
Pippin is in Isengard with Merry eating and smoking a pipe when Gandalf and the others come to talk with Saruman. Grima kills Saruman and his Palantír drops to the water. Pippin picks it up but Gandalf swiftly takes it from him. The group goes to Edoras where Pippin and Merry have a good time in a celebration singing and drinking. In the night the Palantír haunts Pippin and he has to look into it. He has to encounter Sauron through the Palantír but he survives without revealing anything important. Gandalf decides that Pippin has to leave to Minas Tirith with him. Pippin still doesn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation and Merry explains that the enemy now thinks he has the ring. That scares Pippin and he asks if Merry will come with him.

The Book
The events of Isengard took place already in ‘The Two Towers’ and Pippin has already looked into the Palantír. In the beginning of ‘The Return of the King’ Pippin is riding to Minas Tirith with Gandalf and they shortly stop in Edoras. On their way they see the beacons of Gondor alight and Gandalf tells Pippin about the history of the beacons. Pippin is a little afraid and Gandalf tells Pippin that in Minas Tirith he will be as safe as can be in these days.

In the service of Denethor
The Movie
In Minas Tirith Pippin and Gandalf go to Denethor who knows that Boromir is dead and he asks if Gandalf can explain his death. Pippin steps forth and tells that Boromir was killed saving him and Merry and offers his services to Denethor as a payment of that debt. Outside Gandalf tells Pippin a bit about the history of Gondor and the Stewards and Pippin is ready to leave when they look towards the dark clouds coming from Mordor. Later Pippin is in a room with Gandalf checking his new armour and wondering if they expect him to fight and Gandalf doesn’t seem to respect much that Pippin is a Guard of the Citadel. Pippin asks Gandalf if Frodo and Sam have any hope and doesn’t feel comfortable just waiting for the war to begin.

The next day Gandalf gives Pippin a task to secretely lit the beacon of Minas Tirith and he succeeds. Pippin is along when Gandalf rides to save Faramir and his men from the Nazgûl and Faramir tells that he has seen Frodo and Sam. Later Pippin swears his oaths to Denthor and he looks confused when Denethor talks to Faramir with no respect. He has to sing to Denethor and he sings a touching song while the picture shows Faramir in his suicide mission riding towards Osgiliath.

In the movie Pippin has a short and nice conversation with Faramir after he comes to the city that they don’t have in the book. Pippin is wondering what use he would be in the service of Denethor and Faramir comes and says that it was a generous offer. He tells Pippin that his wearing his old armour and that he’s no warrior. Pippin tells him that Faramir has strength that’s different from Boromirs and that Denethor will still see it.

The book
In Minas Tirith Gandalf and Pippin go to Denethor who asks if Pippin knows about Boromir‘s death and Pippin tells what he knows about the events. Then he offers Denethor his services as a payment of his debt that he feels because Boromir saved him and Merry. Denethor accepts it and Pippin swears his oath to Denethor and tells him his whole story so far. Later Gandalf tells Pippin he did well with Denethor and says that Pippin’s offer of service to Denethor was well done. Then Gandalf goes off to his business and Pippin spends the rest of the day with a soldier, Beregond, and then his son, Bergil, who Pippin meets while wandering in the city. They walk around the city and at the gates they see many companies coming to the city for the war.

The next day Pippin has to be with Denethor all day doing nothing but listening. In the evening Pippin is with Beregond when Faramir comes to the city followed by the Nazgûl. In the Citadel Pippin listens when Faramir tells Gandalf and Denethor about the meeting with Frodo and Sam.

All in all the book tells a lot about Pippin’s time in Minas Tirith and it shows well the dark atmoshpere in the city and gives a good view of Pippins feelings. It’s mentioned clearly that Pippin is unhappy being in Minas Tirith and serving Denethor. In the book Pippin also gets some fame in the city that he doesn’t get in the movie. Many people know that he is in the city although he is accidentally thought as Frodo. But even after the mistake is corrected he is called the Prince of the Halflings in Minas Tirith.

The Siege of Gondor
The Movie
Faramir comes to the city wounded and Denethor doesn’t listen when Pippin tries to say he needs help. During the siege Pippin is shown running to the battle with the soldiers and being horrified by a Nazgûl. He finds Gandalf who saves him from a group of orcs and when Pippin saves him from one he seems proud but he still sends him away saying that his place isn’t in the battle. Later Pippin secretly follows Denethor away from the Citadel and notices he’s about to kill himself and Faramir. Pippin tries to say Faramir isn’t dead but Denethor doesn’t listen and he releases Pippin from his services. Pippin goes off to get Gandalf and on their way back Pippin has to encounter the Witch-King with Gandalf. They arrive to the tombs just in time to save Faramir.

When the orcs have attacked to the city Gandalf and Pippin are behind a door waiting if the orcs will brake through. Pippin is scared and says that he didn’t think it would end this way and Gandalf comforts him by telling beautifully what happens after death. After the battle Pippin searches Merry the whole day and finally finds him from the battle field and promises to take care of him but the movie doesn’t show at all how they get back to the city and what happens before the last battle.

The Book
When the siege starts Pippin is standing in the chamber of Denethor and Faramir and tries to tell that Faramir could be healed. Denethor releases him from his duties but Pippin says he doesn’t want to be released as long as Denethor lives. When Pippin notices that Denethor is about kill himself and Faramir he asks the guards to disobey orders and to do whatever it takes to slow down or stop Denethor and then he goes to find Gandalf.

Pippin finds Gandalf just when he’s confronting the Witch-King and when that’s over they go together to stop Denethor. They save Faramir and take him to the Houses of Healing. Pippin finds Merry who’s lost in the city and falling into the darkness and together with Gandalf they help him to the Houses of Healing. Pippin follows when Aragorn heals Faramir and Éowyn and is there when Merry wakes up. The next day the hobbits meet Gimli and Legolas who tell them what has happened in the Paths of the Dead.

The Last Battle and Aragorn’s coronation
The Movie
Pippin rides to the Black Gate and the last battle with the army and is terrified when he sees Frodo’s Mithril shirt that the Mouth of Sauron is holding. With Merry they are in the front line running to the battle and he fights bravely. Pippin is given Gandalf’s role from the book by shouting “the Eagles are coming!” After the war the Fellowship is reunited in Minas Tirith in the room of Frodo. At Aragorns coronation the hobbits look in awe when everyone bows respectfully towards them.

The book
Pippin goes to the last battle with the army because now Pippin gets a chance to prove himself. He is horrified when he sees Mouth of Sauron holding the gear of Frodo and Sam and when Gandalf doesn’t take his terms. He gathers himself and stands in the forces wishing that Merry was there so they could die together. In the battle he stabbs a troll with his sword and before he falls to the darkness, he sees the Eagles coming. After the war he is alright in Ithillien with Merry serving in a ceremony arranged for Frodo and Sam. After Aragorn’s coronation the hobbits stay in Minas Tirith spending time with Gimli and Legolas waiting for Aragorn’s wedding day.

Back home and the Grey Havens
The Movie
After Aragorn’s coronation the hobbits ride to the Shire where everything is as it used to be and in the Green Dragon they drink beer in silent understanding. They take part in the wedding of Sam and Rose but otherwise their life after the war isn’t shown. Later Gandalf and Frodo are taking Bilbo to the Grey Havens and Pippin, Merry and Sam ride with them. There the hobbits are surprised to notice that Frodo will also sail to the Undying Lands and so they leave sad farewell to Frodo too.

The Book
The book tells a lot more about the events after the war. They leave from Minas Tirith in a big group and Pippin rides with the knights of Gondor. They stop in Edoras for Théoden’s funeral, they say good bye to Treebeard in Isengard and Aragorn turns back in the Gap of Rohan. In Rivendell the hobbits meet Bilbo who gives them lovely pipes.

When only the hobbits now ride together towards the Shire they notice that everything is not alright and that their war isn’t totally over. In the Scouring of the Shire Merry and Pippin are now ready to take the part of leaders. They demand actions towards Saruman’s men and they organize the battle for getting the Shire back to the hobbits.

After the whole thing is over, Merry and Pippin spend much time together often wearing their armour and they gain much glory by telling and singing their stories. Gandalf tells them when Frodo is going to the Grey Havens to sail to the Undying Lands and they arrive there just in time to say farewell to him.

The Relationship between Pippin and Denethor

In the movie Pippin first meets Denethor when he sits on his throne knowing that Faramir is dead. Pippin offers his services to Denethor because he feels he has to for Boromir’s sake. Pippin is in the company of Denethor when he says his vowes to him and sings to him and later when Faramir is wounded and Pippin tries to tell that he’s not dead. After this the only time Pippin meets Denethor is when he tries to stop him from killing Faramir and then Denethor rudely releases him from his services. The relationship between Denethor and Pippin is very formal. They don’t spend much time together, they have a short conversation only when Denethor asks Pippin to sing to him and Pippin doesn’t really learn to know him. It can be said that Pippin thinks Denethor acts strangely and that he thinks Denethor knows more than says but his other thoughts about him don’t come clear. At one point he wonders what use could he be in the service of the Steward but otherwise his feelings towards Denethor aren’t shown.

In the book Pippin learns something about Denethor already in their first meeting in his hall when Pippin tells him his story and notices that Denethor knows quite much of the events already. It comes clear in the book also that Pippin offers his service to Denethor because he feels he has to. In the book Pippin sees Denethor’s old age and great lineage and he respects him but Pippin is also a little afraid of him because he sees that there’s something more to Denethor than can be seen and he feels that Denethor knows too well his thoughts and actions. Pippin spends much more time with Denethor in the book than is shown in the movie. Pippin tells him about his adventure and Pippin is there when Denethor has meetings with Gandalf and others. Their relationship remains formal and in the book it’s straight said that Pippin isn’t happy being in Minas Tirith or serving Denethor.

During the siege of Gondor Pippin doesn’t run with the soldiers or kill orcs, he spends the day with mourning Denethor and he goes to the city only to find Gandalf.

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