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The Super Duper LOTR Story (in Fanfiction)

…hollered up the cliff at Boromir to come help him look. Sméagol popped up next to Frodo. Frodo jumped nine and six-tenths inches. “Flighty masssster,” hissed Gollum shaking his head…

Chapter IIII (in Fanfiction)

…near. Here in these cornfields that stretch for miles and miles, with the infinite sky overhead, still death seems farther than the distant horizon, beyond even the bliss I can…

6.02. The Land of Shadow (in Movies vs. Books)

…drink gratefully, and Sam fills his water bottle. Frodo feels better now, and they walk for several more miles. They stop when they sense that they are nearing an orc-hold….

Flight (in Downloads)

Soar with Manwe.

1.12. Flight to the Ford (in Movies vs. Books)

How did it happen in the movie? After the Witch-King stabs Frodo, Strider comes to inspect Frodo and finds the Morgul-sword. He carries him to a clearing, where he asks…

Flight to the Ford (in Downloads)

Arwen stands against the Nine.

Arwen’s Flight (in Fanfiction)

Darkness hovered over the massive rift in the craggy mountainside far below, mantling the sky in velvety black. Blackness studded with stars, glittering cold and sharp in the October chill….

Flight of the Dunedain (in Fanfiction)

The chill February wind groped with bitter fingers into any place it could reach, whether the still-bare boughs of trees, the hissing grasses of the downs, or the tightly-wrapped folds…

The Tenth Member (in Fanfiction)

flight! She picked up her bag and ran for it. She needed to make this flight; all of her friends were on this flight! Every person on Liberty High Varsity…

Arwen Flight to the Ford (in Downloads)

Arwen in FotR