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The Lady of Bree (in Fanfiction)

…softly into her ear. Slowly the mare began to make her way from the stable and onto the path that ran through town. As Lily brought her to the western…

Chapter Six – Waking Nightmare (in Fanfiction)

to say the figure out loud to warn Cirnan. Twenty meant sure death to them all. To say it would be accepting the fact. But he did not need to

Memories (in Fanfiction)

…of change had long been blowing over the mountain. It was her mother’s duty to help her son heal, to guide him, to teach him, to show him how to

The Forgotten Hobbit (in Fanfiction)

…he bundled Estella and unbeknownst to him, Babe, into it and carried it to the tower’s roof. To Estella and Babe the wait within the sack seemed endless. No light…

Chapter 10 (in Fanfiction)

…urgency was greater, because it was moving towards them. There was nowhere to conceal themselves from the threat tonight. “Mr Frodo, come on,” Sam urged, trying not to get too…

The Patient – Part Nine (in Fanfiction)

…in all directions as the dark structure began its disintegration, starting from the remains of the top floor and working its way down to the ground. People seemed to regain…

The Fellowship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. (Frodo decides to leave. Determined to

The Funniship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…had sent Radicalhat to tell me to tell him to tell himself that I had told him to tell him that I had told him that I was sending myself,…

The Super Duper LOTR Story (in Fanfiction)

…pipe, “there is a serious matter at hand that needs to come to attention.” Frodo nudged Merry with his elbow. “IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT I HAVE YOUR…

The Fellowship of the Ring’s Destruction (in Subject Articles)

…I can’t see! PIPPIN: See—To look at. To have the power of sight. To understand. To find out. To take care, make sure. To have knowledge or experience of. To