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Chapter Five (in Fanfiction)

…in.” “There is truth to that. You may need to go to one of the cities. There your differences would not be as noticeable. You have wanted to visit Gondor….

Chapter Seven (in Fanfiction)

…do not want to leave. I have changed my mind.” “How old are you?” She hesitated, feeling a change in his direction. “Fifteen.” “How old is your majority?” “You cannot…

No Home Here (in Fanfiction)

…in an attempt to push whatever was directly next to him off, but found that his arms were shaking too badly to be of much help to anyone, especially himself….

Guardian of the Golden Wood (in Fanfiction)

…chuckled after him.’ Together we started and together we shall return and you will not get rid of that dotty old wizard… as you secretly call me. For you have

Things That Were, Things That Are, & Some Things That Should Have Been – The Two Towers (in Subject Articles)

you doing? Faramir- Watching you sleep! Sam- SNORE Frodo- ……..Uh…… Faramir- Come with me. I have something to show you. Frodo- I’d rather not! *hit’s Sam* Sam- SNORE Faramir- You

The Return of the Fellowship of the Two Towers of the King’s Ring (in Subject Articles)

to listen to some boring man who will try to tell you how to do everything exactly like him in a pathetic attempt to get you to spend more money….

Amin Ai Lote (in Fanfiction)

…“Are you sure? I won’t force you into being here if you don’t want to.” “Of course, I want to be here with you. I would follow you to death…

Ozark Trilogies: Book One [Read and you’ll understand how it works] *please read! i *beg* of you! please? pretty please? (in Fanfiction)

…no I’m not a blind you fool!” Didn’t think you were. How else would you have seen me? Ah, well, let’s get to the basics. “Show yourself!” Equinor breathed. I…

Chapter Eleven (in Fanfiction)

…unpack.” “You have it. Dinner will be informal tonight.” “Thank you. Come, Meliel. We have a few hours before dinner. I have much to show you.” Meliel rolled her eyes…

The Two Towers (in Subject Articles)

…entrusted to me. It’s my task! Mine, my own! (Frodo begins to walk away from Sam.) Sam: Can’t you hear yourself? Don’t you know who you sound like? (Frodo and…