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Welcome to the Realm of Aulë the Smith

Realm Forum

Here, you will find a smaller community within the Council of Elrond – one that is based on the traits of the Vala Aulë – one that is centered around creativity, honesty, skill, and humor. Feel free to browse through the Realm ‘Charter’, where you can learn exactly what a Realm is and does, as well as taking a look in ‘Valar Info’ about Aulë the Smith himself. If what you see strikes your fancy, you may join the Realm of Aulë and become part of a very special community! If you’re already a member of this realm, be sure to come by the Realm of Aulë forum and participate in an RP, give ideas for Realm activities, help write a parody, and just generally get to know your fellow members and leaders. Above all, have fun, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Tulcadhiel_Greenleaf, the head of this Realm.

WANTED: Simply put, fun, active friendly members. We are a small but welcoming community here on CoE that are eager for new and active members. So go ahead, don’t be afraid to click that “Join” button if you think this realm might be for you, and jump into a great realm! The Members of the Realm of Aulë would like to recognize the following April Birthdays! LOTRGek 16th And May! birthdays: pitya, 15th Edraitheru_Melannen, 19th Tulcadhiel_Greenleaf, 26th Happy birthday wishes to you all!

Current Realm Games, Contests and Discussions

New Members–Post here!– A good place to start as a newbie and get talking to others!Religions… What path do we follow? – Tell us what religion you study/follow 

Only the Wrong Answer – GAME – This is a trivia game where wrong answers is accepted… but only wrong answers. Word Association – GAME – How we play this is one person says a word then the next posts a word that that other word made them think of. Where are we from?– tell about your hometown! Three Letter Chain – GAME – Use three letters from the previous word to write another. Auler’s Inn 2008-2009– an interesting, lively, rpg centered around Aule…join in today or have fun reading the posts. Caption Contest – CONTEST – Place your funniest caption below the featured clip from LotR LotR Trivia – Trivia in which anyone can ask Show off your Art – Have a bit of artwork you’re proud of? Show off here! Any medium accepted for showing off LotR MOVIE character Discussion – A topic in which you may say why you admire some character from the movies and why

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