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Council of Elrond - Fanfiction

When Darkness Falls, Evil Follows by Dragonwings (G)
Summary: Frodo and his friends are resting in an inn at night, but, this time, when Frodo puts on the ring, things are stranger than usual. This work can also be found on Archive of Our Own under the same username. This work was inspired by this fan art:
Characters: Frodo, | Genre: General | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2014-06-25 01:13:17 | Date Updated: 2014-06-25 01:13:17
Star gazing by pointyeared (PG-13)
Summary: This is a story based off of Lord of the Rings but including a perspective not even Tolkien wondered. It's a tale of an elf, and a star who falls in love with an elf. And how that brings so much chaos and war that not even one will come out on top.
Characters: Legolas, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 2
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2014-06-15 11:12:29 | Date Updated: 2014-06-16 02:48:43
Poets of Middle-earth by pointyeared (G)
Summary: This is a collection of poetry pieces formed from thoughts, words and actions of the Fellowship. Much like ancient script, or the songs of the Elves, they tell stories, truths, and emotions that they dare not say to one another all at once.
Characters: Fellowship, | Genre: Poetry | Chapters: 2
Category: Poetry
Date Added: 2014-06-14 08:55:08 | Date Updated: 2014-06-14 14:31:28
There Is Always a First Time by dreamflower02 (G)
Summary: After the Long Winter, Gandalf thinks that the hobbits deserve to celebrate. (Written for Back to Middle-earth Month 2013)
Characters: Gandalf, Other, | Genre: General | Chapters: 1
Category: Lord of the Rings Book Fanfiction
Date Added: 2014-06-10 00:19:06 | Date Updated: 2014-06-10 00:19:07
Comfort and Joy by dreamflower02 (G)
Summary: Frodo gets a good deal of comfort from news across the Sea...
Characters: Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, | Genre: Family / Fluff | Chapters: 1
Category: Lord of the Rings Book Fanfiction
Date Added: 2014-06-10 00:17:28 | Date Updated: 2014-06-10 00:17:29
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