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Council of Elrond - Fanfiction

The Shire by falathielgreenleaf (G)
Summary: This poem is about what Frodo thinks of the Shire. It can also be a song if you put it to the tune of 'The Breaking of the Fellowship' (In Dreams).
Characters: Frodo, | Genre: General | Chapters: 1
Category: Poetry
Date Added: 2013-07-05 03:29:43 | Date Updated: 2013-07-05 03:29:44
Confusion-Part 1+2 by falathielgreenleaf (PG)
Summary: An Elven girl mysteriously finds herself in Middle-Earth, lost, confused, and hurt. When an arrow brings Legolas to her, can he help her discover how she got there, and why she was wounded?
Characters: Original Character(s), | Genre: General | Chapters: 1
Category: Lord of the Rings Movie Fanfiction
Date Added: 2013-04-27 12:59:38 | Date Updated: 2013-04-27 12:59:39
Lovers left to die by Cheyenne-Lexi (PG-13)
Summary: An opposite fate for Aragorn and Arwen should Frodo have failed.
Characters: Aragorn, | Genre: Angst | Chapters: 1
Category: Poetry
Date Added: 2013-04-10 01:36:15 | Date Updated: 2013-04-10 01:36:17
His final prayer & last shred of pride by Cheyenne-Lexi (PG-13)
Summary: Boromir's last mental testimony to himself.
Characters: Boromir, | Genre: Angst | Chapters: 1
Category: Poetry
Date Added: 2013-03-31 14:18:18 | Date Updated: 2013-03-31 14:18:19
Aragorn + Arwen = A Furious Elrond! by YouShallNotPass393 (PG)
Summary: Aragorn and Arwen love each other. They have to get married, and they plan to. But Elrond doesn't want them to, and he usually gets what he wants... How low will he stoop? PG to be safe. Kind of short right now, please R&R! :) I will write more if you like it.
Characters: Arwen, | Genre: Humor | Chapters: 1
Category: Lord of the Rings Book Fanfiction
Date Added: 2013-03-29 08:00:43 | Date Updated: 2013-03-29 08:00:45
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