Description: Excellent after a hard night of Orc slaying!

Submitted by: KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-18 17:35:15

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

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2 large bunches grapes (green & red)
4 large nectarines
4 large plums
2 large peaches
2 crisp apples
1/2 lb. honey


Order dogs to harvest fruit. Have friendly raccoons wash fruit (you may need to order extra for the raccoons). Rapidly cut fruit into smallish pieces (1/4 bite size) with sharp axe. Place fruit and grapes in very large bowl. Pour in honey and mix. Serves one large man, one wizard, one hobbit, and thirteen dwarves.

(The honey keeps the fruit from browning and adds an indescribable taste that is healthier than white sugar. Local honey every day helps prevent allergies. Everyone loves this recipe!)

For an extra delight, add heavy cream to your serving.