Description: This warming delight can be cooked over an open campfire or over a backyard grill.

Submitted by: Naira on 2003-09-14 12:47:21

Serves: Varies

Prep Time: 20 minutes total

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Ground beef, cooked and drained (1/4 lbs. meat for each person)
Salt and pepper

Please note: I put no amounts on the ingredients. This meal will serve as many as required--add more meat, veggies and water for extra servings.


Wash, peel, and cube or dice vegetables as desired.

Place veggies and a serving of beef in the middle of a piece of tinfoil (shiny side out).

Fold two opposite edges to meet in the middle, then fold one of the open ends towards the middle.

Before closing off the last end, add 1/4 to 1/3 cups of water to keep everything juicy and speed up the cook time a little. Fold over the last end, so you have a flat package.

Grill cooking: Simply place your tinfoil package on the grill, watching it carefully. Over most modern grills, I'd turn it over every 3 or 4 minutes.

When the outside of the foil takes on a faintly brownish color, use tongs to open your package and check on it. It's done when the vegetables are no longer crunchy.

Season with salt and pepper (or whatever) to taste.

Campfire cooking: PLEASE! FOLLOW YOUR LOCAL FIRE LAWS AND BE A RESPONSIBLE CAMPER!!! Over a fire, this process takes a little longer. You need to make sure that you've let your fire burn long enough to produce coals. All of the best food is cooked on coals which generally about 300 degrees C. Putting your package on actual flame will only suceed in burning it for you. Place your package on a bed of red coals. If you are pressed for time, you can place some coals on top of your package as well. Otherwise, let it cook for five minutes, turn and give it another five minutes. Check after this. As all campfires are different, you will achieve varying results. It may need to cook longer.

When making this recipe over a campfire, please be responsible not only for your fire, but also for your trash. A ranger never pollutes. Neither should you. !