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Hobbit's Hearty First Breakfast

Description: A hearty first breakfast with lots of things that Hobbits love!

Submitted by mithirelle on 2012-04-23 12:12:10

Hobbitish Tart Pastry (V)

Description: This delicious tart pastry is served at every festive occasion in Hobbiton.

Submitted by Morlothwen on 2004-02-23 12:52:45

Hobbiton Bake Sale Cookies

Description: Cookies rich enough to fill even the most chocolate-loving Hobbit full up.

Submitted by admin on 2003-02-08 21:15:50

Hobbity Cardamom Toast

Description: The next best thing to Lembas bread.

Submitted by LinweSingollo on 2005-09-30 11:35:02

Hobbity Harvesty Holiday Loaf (V)

Description: An tasty Took recipe! Pumpkin cake and mini chocolate chips to boost the flavour. But that's only the start. Add the Brandybuck Spice Glaze and you've got a great holiday dessert!

Submitted by Galadreil112 on 2003-11-30 18:29:40

Honey Oat Bread (V)

Description: All Hobbits love this sweet-but-not-too-sweet bread. Served for both formal and casual occasions, this Shire recipe is an absolute favorite!

Submitted by admin on 2003-12-10 17:16:16

Hot Cocoa Cuppa

Description: A warm, comforting drink for snowy days.

Submitted by LilyAndywine on 2003-03-04 19:58:48

Instant Waybread (V)

Description: This is a favourite outdoor dish for sweet-toothed Hobbits on the road. Ideally cooked over an open fire, but a barbecue will also do.

Submitted by Malinornë on 2003-03-17 03:27:45

Lemonade Scones (V)

Description: An easy, almost foolproof recipe for tangy, fluffy scones.

Submitted by elenlhach on 2005-10-23 21:37:37

Lily Leafsilver's Root Dish (V)

Description: A healthy substitute for mashed potatoes. Given to Lily by her mother.

Submitted by taure_leafsilver on 2003-12-26 10:19:16

Lobelia's Herbed Tomato Crostini (V)

Description: Besides the presents, the only reason Hobbits attend any of Lobelia's parties!

Submitted by Morlothwen on 2004-01-09 16:56:41

Lobelia's Peanutty Cookies (V)

Description: Just the thing when you need something especially Shire-tasty.

Submitted by elvenprincess on 2004-01-02 11:19:02

Lobelia's Shortbread (V)

Description: A Sackville-Baggins speciality!

Submitted by Eloise on 2003-08-01 05:28:47

Mayor Samwise's Hearty Chicken Soup

Description: A really tasty winter warmer from Bagshot Row.

Submitted by alksirwen on 2003-12-20 10:22:43

Melty Mozzerella Mushrooms (V)

Description: Melty Mozzerella with mushrooms and butter....mmmmm!

Submitted by El~Cugu on 2003-09-02 17:15:10

Merry's Blueberry Muffins (V)

Description: Just the thing for all your hungry Hobbit friends!

Submitted by iarfalaswen on 2003-02-15 05:50:53

Merry's Chocolate Marshmellow Squares

Description: A delicious treat that won't last long, especially if Merry and Pip are around!

Submitted by Draufgänger_Blitzschnell on 2004-04-22 12:42:14

Merry's Chocolate Truffles

Description: A nice treat for a hungry hobbit

Submitted by melilotbrandybuck on 2005-01-08 13:05:13

Merry's Coconut Delights (V)

Description: These coconut delights will make you one merry hobbit!

Submitted by emma on 2005-01-09 12:11:32

Merry's Creamy Ice Cream Dessert

Description: This is a sweet dessert created by Merry himself, and it's now a favourite at Brandy Hall.

Submitted by _Lady_Of_The_Wood_ on 2004-08-08 14:05:43