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Merry's Marvelous Stuffed Mushrooms (V)

Description: A delicious vegetarian recipe.

Submitted by Tara on 2003-01-06 21:44:45

Merry's Molasses Chew Cookies (V)

Description: Yummy, aromatic cookies--get out the milk!

Submitted by ShieldMaiden777 on 2003-09-23 10:40:41

Merry's Mulled Cider (V)

Description: Serve this on a fine Autumn day in front of a cosy fire.

Submitted by whittyb on 2002-09-02 22:42:58

Merry's Mushroom Heaven

Description: A delightfully aromatic dish that will make your mouth water!

Submitted by Azaelia on 2004-01-28 12:12:50

Merry's Mushroom Pasta (V)

Description: One of Merry's favourite dishes. No wonder he eats six meals a day!

Submitted by Celedë_Anthaas on 2005-03-13 07:18:55

Merry's Mushroom Scramble (V)

Description: An easy and delicious egg recipe perfect for any hobbit meal.

Submitted by CelonethIthilien on 2005-05-04 18:07:40

Merry's Onion Twist (V)

Description: A wonderful, light-textured onion bread. Merry's favorite second-breakfast treat.

Submitted by _Lady_Of_The_Wood_ on 2004-08-08 12:54:17

Merry's Rum Balls (V)

Description: A sweet, nutty treat!

Submitted by lothien on 2004-06-27 21:49:26

Merry’s Raisin Nut-Stuffed Apples (V)

Description: If you haven't noticed, Merry's all time favorite snack is a good apple. If you like apples too, this recipe is for you!

Submitted by Morlothwen on 2004-09-05 11:24:42

Mrs Cotton's Cherry Cake (V)

Description: The Cotton household clamors for this delight!

Submitted by KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-19 02:59:48

Mrs Maggot's Hearty Vegetable Soup (V)

Description: With cooking tips to further the noble art that every Hobbit is taught before he or she learns to read and write (TT, Bk 2, Ch 4).

Submitted by Morna_Child_of_Eru on 2005-03-14 23:44:19

Mrs. Maggot's Cottage Pie

Description: This is the star of the Maggot's Sunday dinner when the relatives come.

Submitted by whittyb on 2002-09-02 23:14:24

Mrs. Maggot's Mushrooms & Bacon

Description: "There was beer in plenty, and a mighty dish of mushrooms and bacon, beside much other solid farmhouse fare.” -Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring Book I: Chapter 4, A Short Cut to Mushrooms by J.R.R. Tolkien

Submitted by ~wild_shieldmaiden~ on 2004-01-02 15:15:42

Mrs. Maggot's Yummy Mushrooms in Cream Sauce

Description: This dish is enjoyed by the whole Maggot family. They love to share it with Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin when they drop by after walking all day.

Submitted by ArwenLegolas on 2003-07-17 19:10:25

Mrs. Maggot’s Mushroom & Bacon Frittata

Description: Farmer Maggot’s favourite lunch. One of my faves, too. Great with a mixed greens and tomato salad.

Submitted by KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-19 03:13:41

Mushroom Cake

Description: NOT a sweet cake, but a delicicious snack! It's based on a recipe from Grandma Doralee Patinkin's Jewish Family Cookbook with MY comments in [brackets].

Submitted by Narulothwen on 2003-08-06 21:01:04

Mushrooms in a Spicy Broth

Description: Warm and filling for a cold autumn afternoon.

Submitted by Saelwen_Silivren on 2004-06-21 07:12:49

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cookies (V)

Description: Perfect for that long-expected party!

Submitted by ~wild_shieldmaiden~ on 2004-01-07 16:58:01

Otherworldly oven-browned potatoes (V)

Description: Oh my yes precioussssss, its ‘taters’!Even Gollum wouldn't wrinkle his nose at these tender spuds, flavored with Parmesan cheese.

Submitted by Naurlas on 2005-07-18 14:22:59

Oven-Steamed Roots (V)

Description: Leave Farmer Maggot's crops alone, and either grow your own roots or look for big, yummy ones in the local market. Perfect for Sunday supper.

Submitted by Scothia on 2003-07-15 19:05:01