Gender: 2
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Age: 27
Family: Betrothed to Thorgal
Animals: Horse named Fural
Weapons: Sword, Bow and arrow.

Personality: Aaricia is a gentle person who would never wish any harm on any other living being. As a child, she was always bringing home hurt critters, and nursing them back to health. She spent long hours with the village's healer and is well versed in herbology and healing techniques. She makes her living by attending sick or injured people in the nearby villages.

Appearance: Aaricia has long corn silk colored hair which falls in gentle waves down her back. Her large blue eyes can shine like the sun or cloud over like blue steel when she is angry or afraid. She often wears scarves or cloaks to hide her beauty because she has found that in can out the worst in the men she encounters.


Aaricia is from the seldom travelled far Northern territories. She grew up in a tiny village and has rarely encountered strangers, let alone other races. The only thing that would make her venture so far from her home is her love for Thorgal and her desperation to find him.

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