Race: Man
Height: 5'7
Age: 35
Family: Sister - Clara
Animals: Horse - Charger, Wolf - Paddy
Weapons: Short sword & Dagger

Personality: Strong willed, yet fair minded. He can be gentle but it is a side seldom seen unless it is to his animals. He will not suffer fools and is both determined and resilient in battle. Powerful , Loyal as a friend, deadly as an enemy.

Appearance: His hair is black, receeding slightly, his eyes brown, His skin is tanned and he has a well built, muscular body. He is accompanied by his grey wolf Paddy. and his horse is a chestnut gelding.


Has served as a scout for the Rohirrim for the last 5 years. Previously he had been a farmer but the approach of war had drawn him to serve his King.

He has somewhere a sister, his only living relative, his own family lost to Orc attacks on their farm. He survived himself as he was away scouting at the time of the attacks.

Being a scout he is knowledgeable in pathfinding and camoflage. He had a basic knowledge of hebs for healing and cooking.

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