Gender: 2
Race: human
Height: 5' 9
Age: 30
Family: None, they are all dead
Animals: A chestnut mare named Rhiannon
Weapons: a steel sword with her grandfathers name enscribed in elven on the blade and it has a walnut handle wrapped in leather.

Personality: Aaweth is a ranger a heart. She is a loner, perfering the company of her horse then people. She is loyal and just. She speaks her mind and has a sharp tongue at times. Aaweth can be fierce, but she is ruturing and understanding as well. Aaweth when she was growing up (and still is) was a tomboy - she prefered playing out doors, hunting, riding, sword fight practise, and climbing trees to doing 'ladys work' (sewing, knitting, cooking, and the likes).

Appearance: She has mid-back brown hair that is done in a Twist Rosestem. She is tanned, freckled, and muscular. Her eyes are deep blue and a very piercing (they are her best features). Her face is oval shaped and thin, with a scar at her hair line that is the shape of a frown and she also has a scar on her right eyebrow that is small. Her nose is slightly crooked from being broken 2 times and turns up slightly at the end. It is thin and of medium size and suits her face. She has brown wool pants, a Lenin rust tunic, green leather boots, sheath and belt. She wears a dark green wool cloak. She does own one dress, but she only wears it when she has to. The dress is of blue silk with midnight blue lining - the sleeves are straight and end at a point on her hand and has a square neckline. The dress is trimmed in the same midnight blue lining, but has silver threads run in it - it buttons down the back. She also wears a blue leather woven belt with a few silver threads in it. She always weas a silver Eternity Knot Pendant, but that is her only adornment.


Aaweth is the granddaughter of Boromir. She was raised by Faramir and Eowyn. When she was 15, she wished to become a Ithilien ranger, but women weren’t aloud, so she went in disguise. Nearing the end of her training, she heard rumors that Faramir had died and she slipped away from her troop to search for him. She soon found out it was true. She for a year lived in the woods, but somehow Aragorn heard word of her and had his men find her and bring her to Gondor. He made her Stewardess of Minis Tirith and Princess of Ithilien. She did not stay in either place for long and went to where she felt most at home – the wild, where she has lived until just recently, when she had to return to take up her duties as Stewardess.

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