Gender: 2
Race: Human
Height: 5'6 - 7'
Age: 15
Family: Cousin Eilonwy
Animals: Horse - Augduras
Weapons: Large Sword from her father. Longbow.

Personality: She is a kind and considerate person who loves to explore the outdoors. She is a romantic and she enjoys riding her horse Augduras. She has excellent sight and is a ferocious fighter.

Appearance: she has shoulderlength brown/copper hair and blue eyes. She is about 5'6 - 7' and she is quite elegant looking. She likes to wear dresses alot but when she is fighting she is more likley to be wearing a chainmail shirt and a tunic kind of like what eowyn wears.


Her mother died soon after she was born and her father who is now very ill has told her to go and live in gondor. She origionates from Rohan and she lives in Gondor now. She fights for her country and she is very loyal. Gandalf knew her parents and he gave Aaweth a potion that allowed her to have very small amounts of magical powers. Gandalf collected her and she went with him to gondor where she had the ability to learn how to use her power. She can learn new magic and her magic grows stronger.

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