Gender: 2
Race: Hobbit
Height: 3'3''
Age: Mid Thirties
Family: His Mother, Rosemary Brandybuck Took Father, Werdrick Baggins Took, older sisters: Peoni, Amarylis, Hydrangia, and Clemantis, younger brother Rillan
Animals: N/A
Weapons: His walking staff

Personality: Abbannalis, Also known as Ben, fancies himself a great writer of adventures. He used to listen to the stories Old Gandalf the Wanderer used to tell. And he immediatly latches onto any stranger that he sees, trying to pry from them their life story. Rather than be classified as brave, I would say he just doesn't seem to know any better. He can be reckless and seem silly, but when it comes to a fight, he stands by his friends to the end.

Appearance: Blonde curly hair, light brown eyes, freckles when he's had too much sun. he has a round happy face that is quick to smile or whistle a tune.

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