Gender: female
Race: Hobbit
Height: 1 m (3'3'')
Age: 33 years
Location: Tuckborough, the Shire
Family: Large family, including both parents, two elder brothers and many cousins, among whom she is the youngest.
Weapons: Small bow and arrows

Personality: Acacia is friendly, cheerful and very curious, though she can be somewhat naïve. She is always looking for opportunities to learn and do some good in the world.

Appearance: Curly brown hair which reaches slightly past her shoulders, fair skin and hazel eyes. She wears a blouse and bodice with either a skirt or knee breeches, and an olive green cloak and hood.


Acacia often spent time with her brothers and cousins in the Green Hill Country and Woody End during her childhood. When she grew older, she sometimes also went into the forest alone. During her tweens, she met a Dúnadan in Woody End, who taught her a great deal about the wilderness and helped her improve her archery. She has recently come of age, and is going on her first adventure outside the Shire.

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