Race: Of Noldor Elves
Height: 5'10
Age: ever since
Family: The Noldor Rangers
Animals: None
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Glaive

Personality: Silent... doesn't talk much

Appearance: Silent... grey eyes with golden hair like the lords Fingolfin and Feanor


Of Accalium and the Griefs of Middle Earth

Accalium was one of the surviving elves that still lives on to this day as he woke up with starlight in his eyes as many others have did near the Lake Cuiviénen. Many lords foresighted that he would be a captain of many elves one day. He had golden hair that wasn’t braided and he was mostly silent, pondering on the words of the foresighted elves. He wasn’t quick to anger and he had grey eyes that glowed with a fire in battle. As he sat near
the Lake at unawares, the Vala Oromë came and gathered the Elves that didn’t fear of the Valar since of the Dark Rider that harrased the Elves and some Accalium had never seen again in his life. He quickly followed under Finwë, one of the lords that Oromë gathered to come to Valinor, but he was sent back, since Oromë had only chosen three of the Elves that walked toward the Vala. But as Accalium parted in sadness, Oromë foresighted that the elf would do things that would alter the future…

Accalium being shamed walked to the meres of Cuiviénen and sat there, waiting for many years with the other elves and he waited for his Lord Finwëto return. Then one day, he saw the three lords coming and he saw the starlight of their eyes more glistening. He came toward them with many other elves and smiled with wonder as he heard about the trees of the Valar and how beautiful was Aman. Then he heard that the Valar Oromë had told the lords to tell their people, the Quendi to go on a great journey to Aman. It was harsh but yet the vision of Aman was still in their hearts. Accalium went with the Noldor race. There were three parts of the Quendi, the Noldor who were great miners and were the Deep Elves who built great towers and weapons. The Vanyar was the smallest host but it was the glorious host since they were soon to be bathed in the most of Tree of the Valar’s light. The Teleri were the largest host and many of the Teleri parted from their path to Aman and stayed in delight of Middle Earth and lived in peace. Accalium didn’t like the Avari, or the Unwilling since they didn’t heed the summons and liked the lands of Middle Earth.

As Accalium looked out at the uprooted island, he saw Tol Eressëa, the Lonely Isle that he would soon land on. The two hosts passed through Calacirya and then built a city upon the green hill of Túna. It was called Tirion and it was the fairest of the Quendi cities. He smiled as he saw another Valar, Aulë the smith. Accalium walked with Aulë sometimes and he learned of smithying as many of the Noldor. Too soon have they dug in his mansions and saw jewels and they happily gave it away to the Vanyar and the Teleri, who had came at last under Elwë’s brother, Olwë who had came with many of the Teleri. Accalium grieved as the Teleri that came told them that many of the Teleri sundered away and lived in Middle Earth. Accalium then heard that Finwë’s wife had borne a son who had a fiery spirit since he was born, Fëanor was his name. Accalium taught him many of the works that Aulë had showed him. Accalium smiled greatly and enjoyed Valinor and Three Ages had past. Morgorth Bauligur was to be judged by Manwë, the Elder King of all of Arda. Morgorth was the Dark Rider who had harrassed the Quendi near the Lake of Awakening.

Accalium heard from many other Elves that Morgorth had returned to Valinor and he was tall and evil. He secretly came among the Noldor and told them lies and deceit of the Valar and the coming of the Secondborn, Men. Accalium didn’t take no heed to Morgorth’s lies and deceits, but was cautious of him as ,he came upon Fëanor and told him knowledge. Then one day as Accalium walked up to Fëanor to talk, he saw three glittering jewels that had as much light as the Trees of the Valar. Fëanor then closed the forge and they walked to the halls of Manwë and Varda, Elbereth, Queen of the Stars. Then the day after that, Fëanor showed the Silmarils, the jewels that had the light of the Trees of the Valar inside them to Manwë and Varda. The Vala hallowed them and gave them back to Fëanor. Many of the Quendi or Eldar looked in wonder and delight of the greatest work that the Noldor ever created.

Now here is told of Finwë’s second wife, Indis of the Vanyar, close kind of Ingwë. Fëanor was not happy at the marriage and did not like the sons that Indis bore. Those were Fingolfin and Finarfin. Alas the woes of the Noldor came around the Silmarils, and soon news from messengers from Formenos, and he grieved at the fall of Finwë as Morgorth slew him and he then ran to Formenos and saw the body of his lord. He grieved at the fall and followed through Fëanor as he called the oath but Accalium didn’t swear the oath and came to Alqualondë, where the Telerin main fleets were anchored,where the Teleri battled against the Noldor and the rape of their ships were called and Accalium then didn’t want to ride on the Telerin ships and he followed with Fingolfin’s host through the Grinding Ice. Through many harships, but the light of Aman still was in their eyes as Accalium cursed Fëanor as he saw the ships at Losgar burn and he saw the servants of Morgorth come and battle against the camp of Fëanor. Fingolfin then returned to Hithlum and Accalium dwelt there until he saw the coming of Men among the Green Elves. He came with Finrod Felagaund and smiled as he saw the Men, the Secondborn. Alas… for many years Fingolfin had now had thought of the numbers and he rallied the Quendi and the Edain to war.

This was Dagor Bragollach, the Battle of Sudden Flame. The sons of Finarfin were cut off from rescue and Fingolfin and Fingon were beaten off from the rescue to Ered Wethrin and they almost couldn’t withstand the assault. Accalium then came with his host of 1,000 strong clad Noldor Elves and he then was followed by a legion of orcs near Narthrogond and then he came at night to Narthrogond and dwelt there until Fingolfin’s fall. There was too much grief for Accalium as he and the Quendi wept for his fall, but then Accalium then went to Gondolin as he heard of the great city and he looked in happiness as he saw Turgon, Fingolfin’s father and the city that he had built. Many sad and good things had passed during the wars and he then saw that Fingon had now arrayed his forces to assault Angband from all sides. He then saw that Fingon and Maedhros decided to send their hosts to attack Angband from East and West. He served in the host of Gondolin, which had 10,000 fully clad Elves and Turgon opened the banners of Gondolin. Accalium was clad in armor and he now wielded a black glaive and a bow and arrow. He did deeds of valour with his host of 1,000 elves running through the ranks of Morgorth.

Alas the battle was fallen as the treachery of the Easterlings availed and destroyed the sons of Fëanor’s host. Then the fall of Doriath was came by the Dwarves of Nogrod and Beren summoned the Green Elves and the Ents to destroy the host and Accalium led the Green Elves and utterly destroyed the host. Accalium then returned to Gondolin and battled the forces of Morgorth, but luckily the aid of a company of Elves came and he followed them out of Gondolin and then he went to the Isle of Balar and learned the art of ship making. There, the sons of Fëanor had came and destroyed the remanements of Doriath and Exiles of Gondolin since Elwig, daughter of Dior, son of Luthien had one of the Silmarils and she cast herself in the sea. Too late had Cirdan and Gil Galad came and the sons of Fëanor left. But there were only two sons of Fëanor left, Maedhros and Maglor.

Now Earëndil, mightiest of mariners came to Valinor by the power of the Silmarils and delivered the errand of Two Kindreds and the host of the Valar came and destroyed Morgorth and he was cast into the Doors of Night. But the victory had its cost and Bereliand was destroyed. The Eldar left Middle Earth, but few of the Eldar remained. Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor, Celeborn kinsman of Thingol, Galadriel, daughter of Finarfin and Elrond, son of Earëndil had chosen to be of the Elven Kindred. The 2nd Age of Middle Earth began as Númenor was uprooted from the sea and the Edain came there and became the Númenoreans, who were the strongest men that walked the Earth. But the evil was not gone, since the servant of Morgorth, Sauron still lived and took a fair form and created the One Ring. But the Elves of Eregion and Celebrimor rose up against him. Accalium was in the host of Elrond as he came at unawares as he saw Celebrimor fall in battle as most of the Elven smiths and Elrond gathered the remanement of them and ran to Imladris, the hidden valley of where Elrond was lord. Soon after two days of resting in Imladris, Accalium set off to Lindon alone, as one of Gil Galad’s captains.

The besieging of Lindon was harsh and deadly as Cirdan’s host were in defense of the eastern side of the Gulf of Lhun and Gil Galad and his host was all over Lindon, in companies. Accalium, seeing the large onslaught of the orcs, begged Gil Galad to go to Mithlond and hold it. Gil Galad granted him a company of 500 fully clad warriors and Accalium rode to Mithlond as saw that Sauron was near. He then rallied with Cirdan and held the Havens until the Númenoreans arrived and destroyed the hosts of Sauron and driven them out of Eriador. Accalium then became the Captain of Noldor Light Rangers and patrolled Eriador and soon as the Númenoreans came and challenged Sauron, he surrendered and corrupted the proud kings and destroyed Númenor by calling the Númenoreans to invade Valinor. But the Valar called upon Eru, who now shaped the world to be globed.

But the Faithful of Númenoreans came and made the realms of Arnor and Gondor and the Last Alliance was formed. Accalium led the whole Noldor Rangers with Gil-Galad’s host and battled with anger and wrath as arrows fled onto the walls of the Black Gate. After several years of besieging Mordor Accalium saw the duel between Elendil and Gil-Galad against Sauron. Both lords fell, but Isildur, Elendil’s son took the Ring and there Accalium felt the doom still there. Now after the Third Age ending, the War of the Ring began and Accalium then came along with Celeborn’s and Thraundil’s host to destroy Dol Guldur in Mirkwood to make it whole. Then Accalium came with a band of warriors to go through Dol Guldur to save his companions and was successful. Then Accalium journeyed back to the Havens and came with Cirdan and arrived to destroy the Witch King’s Realm of Angmar. But the Realm of Arnor was destroyed and Accalium then dwelt near the havens until he heard the One Ring was destroyed the crowning of Aragorn and his marriage was open. He then rode with Elrond through Rohan to Gondor where Aragorn and Elrond’s daughter Arwen would marry and Elrond would surrender the sceptre of Arnor.

There at the end of days Accalium then went to the havens with Gildor and the Ringbearers to see Cirdan. But the day was happy as the Quendi finally left the Hither Lands to return to Valinor, there were Accalium looked at Eldamar and wept happily as the Telerin boat set anchor in Eldamar and he rejoiced as he came to Aulë the Maker and he lived there and went freely through Valinor happily as he awaited for his friend, Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thraundil of the Elven King of Mirkwood, who had also sailed to Valinor with Gimli the Elf.

Here ends the tale of Accalium and the Griefs of Middle Earth and he lives in Valinor to this day….

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