Race: Half-dragon
Height: 6'0
Age: 7053
Family: Father was Agreorok, the white dragon
Animals: Snow the white warg
Weapons: Frostmourne the ice enchanted blade

Personality: Acheron is a mercenary hired at the highest bidder. He is known to go for the side of good more than evil but it matters little to him. He is a loner and the arch-rival of Dusk Deepdark but recently the two have become good friends.Acheron is very wise due to the longs years he has lived.

Appearance: Acheron is tall with pale white skin and wears color changing robes that are magically enchanted to hide his dragon wings.He has bright emerald eyes and frosty white hair, under his cloaks he wears chainmail made from an odd white metal. Other than his wings he is completely human looking


Acheron was born of a good dragon and the female human who loved him dearly. His father was killed by a clan of black dragons and his mother died when he was 20. He discovered the white ring he wore was in fact a portal to the realm of ice where his fathers spirit led him to the sword of ice Frostmourne.He wandered for several years being a mercenary and took part in the slaying of the remaining dragons. At one time he had released the spirits of the evil dragons his father had slain and was forced to kill them all once more.He met Dusk, his excact opposite and they combated several times both drawing eachother to the brink of death several times. Then in combat against the dark lord they became the best of friends and Acheron gave Dusk his black warg as a show of friendship, this warg Shadow now serves teh assassin. The Half-dragon now wanders once more and once in a while meets up with Dusk to fight evil.

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