Race: Elvish
Height: 5.4'
Age: About 17 in mortal years
Family: One cousin, named Dínen. Her parents were killed by orcs.
Animals: One horse named Elril, a small tabby cat Nibenpen, and a black hound named Haun
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, one sword called Lossninim, and a small mithril dager.

Personality: Alagithildin is very aloof, watchfull, but always kind of heart. She takes pity on those unable to care for them selves, and is rutheless on those who do wrong. She likes to be alone with her companions Elril, Nibenpen, and Haun. But she occasionaly visits her cousin Dinen.

Appearance: Alagithildin has a fair heart shaped face, with lengths of wavey brown hair and streakes of lighter hair like beames of the sun. Her almond shaped eyes are soft and kind, The hasel green shade of her eyes seems to change in the sunlight, earthy brown in the dark, yet a clear leaf green in the sun. In her left eye there is a slice that is an electric blueish grey color, that shimmers in the sun and looks like murcury in some lights. She is thin, and of average height, with long delicate fingers, her hands may look frail, but she can weild a blade and bow like no other.


Alagithildin was raised by her parents in Mirkwood with her coudsin (for his parents were killed when he was a baby) until the mortal age of about ten, when they moved to Lothlorien, unfortunatly on the way they were ambushed by roaming warg riders, and her parents were killed trying to defend her and her cousin. After the tragic incident, Alagithildin and her cousin made there way to Lothlorien alone, where they were taken in my an old widow. She now travels far and wide, looking for nothing in particular, just trying to stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Lothlorien.

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