Race: Dunedain
Height: 5' 4
Age: 23
Family: brother(Amras Alcarin though he doesn't know it)
Weapons: a curved sword with a silver edged black hilt. A wooden bow, intricately carved with elvish symbols

Personality: Anie acts older thatn she looks, and it takes a while to earn her trust. But once you have it, she looks out for you until the end. She is very protective of her brother too.

Appearance: She has jade green eyes, flecked with silver and waist length Chesnut brown hair. Usually wears a black tunic with jade grean and teal embroidery on it, and white pants. She has a forest green cloak, given to her by her mother that she wears when travelling. She has black knee-high boots and her hair is usually up in a wavy ponytail. She has a medium build.


Anie’s brother, Amras lost his memory and she is afraid of telling him because they left each other on bad terms. So she travels with him waiting for the right time to tell him.