Race: half-Elven
Height: 5'3
Age: 13
Family: Mother: Annadin Moriel Father: Elladan
Weapons: Learning bowcraft

Personality: Annael is a quiet boy like his father, but has a penchant for mischief like his mother. He loves animals and books, as well as exploring outdoors. He has a bit of a temper, which his mother has no tolerance for, and he can pout for days at a time. Generally he's a happy kid, but likes to think a lot, and go off on his own, usually bringing back something of interest to himself or his family. He has a fierce love for his mother and is very protective of her feelings. He is getting used to the idea of Baldor's role as a father-figure.

Appearance: Annael has his father's dark hair and his mother's dark eyes. Time spent outdoors has given him a perpetual tan. He has a somber look about him, as he's usually deep in thought, but his smile is so endearing that it usually earns him his way, including immunity from punishment for minor offenses.


Annael was born in Lothlorien. Annadin discovered she was pregnant shortly after being transferred there, and since she and Elladan had had a serious falling out, never told him about their son. Annael grew up in Rohan, where Annadin returned shortly after his birth. Gelir and Baldor have been his surrogate fathers, teaching him anything he wishes to know among those things he’s required to know. Nearly everyone who knows both Dina and Elladan know that Annael is Elladan’s child, except Elladan himself. Dina must bring Annael to meet his father, if she is to give up her Immortality to marry Baldor. The four members of his little family, Annadin, Baldor, Gelir and himself, have discussed his future at length, and Annael has decided that he would like to come to know his father. Annadin will take him with her to Imladris soon, to introduce him and discuss his future with Elladan.