Gender: 2
Race: Man
Height: 6'1
Age: 28
Family: not known
Animals: Dapple grey mare called Saira
Weapons: Sword and a knife

Personality: He is always travelling and generally works by himself. He is familiar with the customs of elves and talks some Elvish in small quantity. He is good at tracking tracks.

Appearance: He has deep eyes of hope. They are dark green. His hair is ebomy black and is down to his stronge shoulders. He wears red and white as his main appearance. Some of his features have elvish likeness.


A man of mystery this man remains. He is kind to those he trusts and honours the Elves a huge amount. He believes his mother was a half-elf for he has some similar features of that of Elves. He is well written as a weilder of weapons and doesn’t hesisitate when battle is an opposition.
Love touched his sad heart once. She was a maiden of also Elvish origin who gave him a ring made of rose-gold with a pearl rose on it.
Enscripted in the band is elvish, translating to “Wander where you shall, I will follow thou.This love shall never die long as the rose is always nigh” She passed to the Grey Havens when her kindred left. Her has always bared the ring. His heart still looks upon the ring with sweet love.

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