Gender: 2
Race: Human
Height: 5ft 4
Age: 17
Family: Great uncle, Mizrinôn and parents who live further inland
Animals: she has wild birds in cages, aswell as a few rodents including a rabbit.
Weapons: Dagger.

Personality: Although Âri can come across as charming, this is just a facade, she is quite manipulative and cunning when she wants to be and is not affraid of doing anything to get what she wants, this includes theivery, posioning and various other trickery. Young men have often fell pray to her tricks, seeing her pretty face and green eyes and being willing to do anything for her. She has few qualms with crossing the law and has little in the way of moral values.

Appearance: Âri is a very attractive young woman, with long thick red hair, ivory skin and green eyes. She stands out in a crowd, and holds a strong presence in every room even though she is not very tall.


Âri used to live in luxury in Minas Tirith with her parents, but they doted too much on her in her early years and she became spoilt. They tried to take away some of her luxuries but somehow she would find them elsewhere.

When she got old enough to wander the city alone she began to cause mishcheif, her parents kept forgiving her for her wrong doings untill things went too far.

She poisoned a local inn keep, since he had accused her of stealing, he had a weak heart so he died quickly. There was no proof, but her parents knew it was her and so did many others so they banished her and warned her if she returned they would hand her in to the law.

She did not go too far though, since she now dwells in a white tower on the coastal rocks of Dol Amroth looking out to the sea. She has learnt to play the harp so well it often enchants passers by, she also has a beautiful singing voice which again makes some believe her to be a witch or an enchantress.

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