Gender: 2
Race: human
Height: 5'9''
Age: 20
Family: she comes from a noble family from Minas Tirith. Her father is quite an important figure in the court and her mother is a Lady of the court.No sibling

Personality: She is an absent- minded young person living in the world she created for herself from the books she read. She has no idea about the real life outside her father's house or the Minas Tirith court, but she does not mind her own ignorance on the subject. Of course she is curious how the life outside looks like, but she has never wanted to get to know it first hand. She thinks it is enough that she heard some stories told by servants. Wren is quite spoiled, used to getting what she only wants and only in the best quality. She has always her servants who perform whatever tasks are necessary and as a result, she cannot do almost anything, and most of all any houseworks that are considered unfit for lady. As to her behaviour, she is usually very calm and composed, she is quite shy when she finds herself in a new situation. Sometimes Wren is easy to anger, and then looses her temper easily, beginning to shout and cry, but her attacks never last too long. Wren loves her parents very much, and respects them, and is a good daughter who never questions her parents decisions. Of course she is not always happy with them, but she never shows it because of the fact that she respects her parents and maybe a little because she is afraid to anger her father who is very stern.

Appearance: She is quite tall and slender. She has long, black, curly hair reaching to her waist. Her face is youthful and her huge, blue, dreamy eyes are making the impression that she is younger than she really is. She has creamy complexion, stained with a delicate, rosy blush on her cheeks. As to her clothes, she is always wearing beautiful, expensive dresses made for her by a personal dressmaker. She loves delicate fabrics, her favourites colours are red and dark green.


Wren is the only child of Lord Ennis and Lady Keelin, who both love her very much. She grew up in luxury, as her family is very rich. Therefore she is used to receiving everything in the best quality- toys, dresses…she is used to being served and has no clue about any homeworks- she was brought up to be a Lady and that is exactly what she is. Her parents shielded her from the cruelty of the outside world, which makes her curious about the life of normal peoples. Her only information on the subject come from the stories of the servants she overheard and from the books. She loves to read her books and dreams about having a romance like the ones that are described in them. And right now she is about to get to know her betrothed and hopes that he is the Prince Charming she has been waiting for..

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