Gender: 2
Race: Man
Height: 6'
Age: 24
Family: Twin Sister Léofa, Mother tends the house, father is a fisherman
Animals: Horse, Forn brother to Thengel, his sisters horse
Weapons: Sword

Personality: He is very happy go lucky. He is very close to his family. He likes to help his parents around the house. He is also very close to his sister who he constantly feels he needs to protect, mearly because she is so precious to him. He loves adventure, but also looks forward to settling down one day.

Appearance: He looks very much like his sister, except for his more red colored hair. His eyes are hazel, and he is very muscular and strong, which he likes to show off by wearing open clothing.


He wanted to be a fisherman like his father, but his father wanted his children to live better than he did, so he encouraged his son to be something better. Björn at first wanted to be a soldier, but the thought of leaving his family behind was too hard for him, so he decided to be a blacksmith. After completeing his aprenticeship, instead of opening up his own forge, he decided to follow his sister in her desire for adventuring.

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