Gender: 2
Race: half elf
Age: 411
Weapons: long thin blade

Personality: chance is very mysterouse. he has a good sence of humer and trys to see the bright side of things even when the situation is very bad. he can get depressed but he always trys and keeps everyone else happy by putting on a brave face. he dose like to keep himself to himself and will always put others before himself.

Appearance: he has waist lengh uncontrolerbly spikey hair which is a dark redish brown. he is blind so he has milky white eyes. he wears dark red cloths and armer and always has his sword at his side. he also wears lether brown gloves to cover up his hands (the gloves go up to his elbows) he also wears thick brown boots that go up his knees.


Chance isent his real name, he has chosen to forget his real name so he can forget his past.
he was brough up in a noble family of humans his mother had been an elf and had abandoned him to his farther because her kin would not let her marry or keep him. his farther was ashamed of being involved with affair did not want to keep him because he feared his enimys would use his son agenst him. but chance had been born blind and was no use to his farther so his farther locked his away in a room so that he could not cause anyone any grief or put anyone in danger.
chance had a lonely and sad childhood locked away in that room he could not hate it because he could not see his surroundings nor could he blame his farther for not loveing him.
But chance decidednot to waist his life away in that room so he praticed on improving his other sences. being an elf he already had advance hearing but being blind made it even better that to him it was almost like seeing because he could hear everything around him and put it into what he though the world was like. he improved on smell, toach , hearing and taste. far better then anyone elses he knew. after not knowing what else to do chance desided to improve on his physicle skill as well and praticed punching and kicking thin air.
at the age of twenty his farther summoned him to his side and chance came. it seemed that in those twenty years locked away his farther had married and had a son and a daughter and wished that chance leave him to live his life now that he was a grown man.
or to put it simply, his farther dint care what happened to chance because he had an heir so he could now chuck him out to be eaten by the wolves.
chance agreed to leave and left to see what life was like outside his room.
well it was not intirely pleasent he roamed the land being incredibly lost and only surviving on food he caught. starving and half dead he had made his way into the lands of rivendell whenn a group of elves found him and took him back to the city. after lots of food the elves taught him how to distintion plants by smell and touch and more importantly how to weild a sword. because chance had only been useing his bare hands up to that point (no wonder he din’t catch anything!) after years with them they presented him with armer and a sword and wish him luck because chance was traverling to mirkwood to find his mother.
long story short…. his been a bit ocupied……
because only a month after leaveing rivendell, chance found he needed money foolishly takeing a lobe from a rich merchent, chance soon found himself in a hudge dept.
the merchent was more forgiveing then chance had though and told him that if he did his bidding he would soon pay off his huge dept. this is where chance became an assasin and theif. his blindness was not known to his master but he still did the jobs he wanted him to do well anouth. he killed and he stole but he never repayed his dept. soon the merchent found he was getting too old and was going to die soon so he handed chance over to a new master. and for the last few hundred years chance has been swapping masters hopeing to pay back his endless dept to the merchent. in short he got very ripped off and tricked into being others slaves for very cheap.

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