Gender: 2
Race: Starlight
Height: vary one inch to elven standard height
Age: 2800 lightyears, has just come of age
Family: Telperion
Animals: -
Weapons: a tiny staff which is like a wand, a star-shaped necklace

Personality: Changes like the weather and the flowers as the seasons pass by... mysterious, explosive, loving, adventureous, dangerous, easygoing, kind-hearted, stubborn... er... and a bit clumsy...

Appearance: When taking her elven form: Hair: dark blueish, which shines as silver when she moves Eyes: dark blueish, almost black Very white skin, always wear a dark blue silky dress, has got translucid wings When not in her elven form, she´s nothing more than a bright spot of light, as a tiny star moving around.


When Morgoth and Uguliant destroyed Laurelin and Telperion in Valinor, Varda pitied the flowers which were left to die on the ground. So Varda took the flowers in her hands and tossed them at the sky. The light of the Trees was reflected on them and they shone upon Arda. They were also gifted with intelligence and their reverence to Elentári granted them with Her love. The sons and daughters of Telperion named themselves “Starlight”, or “Gilgalad” in the common speech of the elves. The sons and daughters of Laurelin became “Sunlight”, or “Glawar”, and both swore to fight against the offspring of Uguliant and Melkor for as long as their threat remained.

“Starlight” and “Sunlight” became a strongly united magical race, only set apart by the period of the day in which their powers are stronger. For many years, they brought light to Arda from the stars. Never before had the stars of Elbereth shone brighter, for Starlight would bring them closer, even to the smallest creature in Middle Earth.

“Starlight” and “Sunlight” know all and see all, but only after the One Ring was destroyed were they blessed by Varda one more time and could choose to be seen in Arda in the form of an elven figure, or a point of light flying about. As time passed, they fought against the evil in its various forms, for their light was feared by many and only equalled in Eä by Eärandil. Their part in many wars were not played in the battle field, but enlightening the minds and hearts of those in whom hope was trusted.

Although their powers are limited to mind and perception, Aulë presented them with a tiny staff, named “Gildin” , which Varda filled with pure energy. The same energy stars are made of. They wore a star-shaped necklace, called “Eneth” , where they heart and mind laid. Once “Eneth” is no long with them, they fall from the sky as a firey rain and fade completely before reaching the ground.

*El was born by the time that the One Ring was lost and is considered relatively young among her people: 2800 lightyears old. She dwells in the constellation of Orion, for it means something special for her: the hunter and *El has always felt as if she were looking for something.

This led *El to many adventures through the outerspace and many a time she laughed at the face of danger. But no matter how light-hearted she used to be, after going on a journey to Perseus with Mîl (with whom she is madly in love but would die to admit it) and nearly being killed, a shadow set in her heart. She started to see the future and that was a burden for her to carry. She decided then that her place was in Arda, where she could be more useful, for what she saw was too sad to be allowed to come into being. When she left, she left in secret. But she was followed.

Some of the Flowers tossed at the sky had been poisoned with Uguliant´s evil, and both Starlight and Sunlight were infected. One of these dark flowers remained hidden and envious of the light she didn’t posses. Alaal she was called, and by going to Arda, she intended to stop light from entering it. By attempting to do so, Alaal gained in *El an enemy.

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