Gender: 2
Race: Noldo/Silvan Elf
Height: 6' 9
Weapons: A dagger

Personality: Erestor is always calm and quiet, so he is often thought of as shy, but in truth he is far from it. He often gives advice that is not wanted, though it is best to listen to him. Erestor is wise and knowledgable, and often the peacemaker. But to anyone who dares to harm the woman he loves, Erestor can be a formidable opponent.


Erestor has dwelt in Imladris since his youth, and because of his wisdom and knowledge, Lord Elrond bestowed upon him the honour of being his chief counsellor. When the last remnants of the survivors of Eregion came to Imladris, Erestor healed the elf-maid Finduilas, who had encouraged her family to wander because her hallucinations told her to do so. Erestor has loved Finduilas ever since.