Gender: 1
Race: Vanyar
Height: 6' 4"
Age: Born Y.T. 4900
Family: Isilwen Miriel, Oropher, Elnaira, Elerossë, Fanuiamarth, Túrë, Fëaranya, Eäheru, Lindalë.
Animals: His horse, Russarok and his wolf, Vórinarmo.
Weapons: Rávaril.

Personality: He has a humane, intellectual, and kind disposition, his whole life is inwardly centered through education and intellectual pursuit. People regard him as wise. Under stress he hesitates to take a course that must be hastily determined. However, what he lacks in this respect is completely compensated for by fine intellect. He likes to dwell on concepts, and has a broad humanistic view of life. He abhors violence, finding it incomprehensible - but knows that some things like love, honour, loyalty and family are worth fighting for. He keeps his thoughts to himself though does let them out when his loved ones are the ones who shall benefit from them. But even with them he uses caution in matters of giving advice.

Appearance: He is six feet tall but appears taller since he has a noble bearing. He resembles his grandfather, Ingwion, in the shape of his eyes and curve of his mouth but has the colouring of his parents: Black hair and dark brown eyes. Each move is graceful, and unhurried. His voice is always low and he does not speak unless he is called to. His stare is intense and at times, makes other people wary and nervous. He is mostly dressed in black, but when he lived in Lothlórien he preferred to wear colour.


History: Erumelmo => essë-father name! (God’s love).
Turcaindo => amilessë-mother name! (Strong Heart).
Annasivë => epessë-“after name”!(Gift of Peace).
Oropherion => patronymic-Oropher’s son.

[A further explanation regarding names:
Erumelmo (Quenya-father name) Turcaindo (Quenya-mother name); Galadriel called him “Nolomelmo”; the Sindar named him “Annasívë”.]

He has spent a part of an Age in Hithlum, has lived in Gondolin and Lothlórien and has resided in the House of Elrond. He loves animals and has an ability to converse with a few that deign to hear what he has to say. Poetry and song have been his passion but greater still has been his love for working with metal. He learnt his craft from Aulë, alongside Galadriel.

Y. T. 4900, Born to Isilwen Míriel of the Vanyar and Oropher of the Noldor, he is the grandson of Ingwion, who later became the Captain of the Vanyar in the War of Wrath.

Erumelmo was one of the many followers of Fingolfin as he left Aman to pursue Fëanor to Middle-Earth. Not only because he was allied to Fingon by deep bonds of friendship but because he wished to follow his younger brother, Fanuiamarth (Y.T. 4960), who had departed with Fëanor over the sea.

On the journey over Helcaraxë, Erumelmo was accompanied by his twin brother, Elerossë and his elder sister, Elnaira (Y.T. 4862) because she couldn’t bear to be away from her brothers and wished to bring Fanuiamarth back to Aman. They all had the same colouring, black hair and dark eyes.

Elerossë perished while crossing the clashing hills of perilous ice. That was the first loss Erumelmo bore which was the beginning of many.

Elnaira regretted her decision to leave Valinor after the death of Elerossë. She was devastated to hear that her favourite brother, Fanuiamarth, had fallen in the Battle under the Stars, or Dagor-nuin-Giliath and remained in Vinyamar, in Nevrast while Erumelmo moved to Lake Mithrim with Fingon.

Erumelmo knew that his sister would be cared for in Vinyamar, by Túrë. Túrë had confessed to him the love he bore for Elnaira, and Erumelmo had predicted that after Elnaira’s grief spun its course, she would see and accept Túrë’s love. He wanted her to rely on Túrë more and so he left her in Vinyamar. He also wished to be close to Fingon in the battle against Morgoth. He could not bear to lose someone he loved again, and Fingon was closer to danger than Elnaira was.

F.A. 20, He met Elnaira in the Mereth Aderthad (“Feast of Reuniting”), which Fingolfin gave and Túrë and Elnaira seemed to be falling in love. Erumelmo was glad. He was content that Túrë would protect Elnaira in Vinyamar.

F.A. 64, He saw Elnaira, before she left with Túrë from Nevrast to Tumladen. He did not see his sister for over 400 years. (They met again after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears in FA 472.)

F.A. 75, During this time, Erumelmo participated in the Seige of Angband, and even saw Fingon repulse the young Glaurung (F.A. 265). Erumelmo realized the venomous nature of the drake, though his friends thought it too insignificant a threat.

For three hundred years he lived beside the Lake of Mithrim and in the relative peace, his love for metal work took him to the Blue Mountains, where he not only learnt the betterment to his craft from the renowned Dwarven smiths, Gamil Zirak, but also was present at the making of Narsil by Telchar. Erumelmo’s interest proved fruitful, since many, many moons later, he helped in the forging of Andúril from the shards of Narsil, in (T.A. 3019).

F.A. 471, his stay in Nogrod ended a year before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, “The Battle of Unnumbered Tears”.

He returned to fight in it beside his beloved friend, Fingon. After Maedhros was routed, the army of Orcs that rained down from the east divided the elven hosts of Fingon and Turgon. Erumelmo did not even realise this until he saw Gothmog descend upon Fingon.

He tried in vain to get his friend. When he saw Fingon fall, Erumelmo himself fell to his knees. If Túrë Alassindo had not charged to his aid, Erumelmo would have been killed by the Balrog before him – such was his despair. He was taken into Gondolin by Túrë and Turgon’s retreating force.

F.A. 472, what brought Erumelmo out of his melancholy was meeting his sister after over four hundred years. She had waited for him to be wed to Túrë Alassindo of the House of the King. She had finally found a reason for and an under-lying purpose to her journey to Middle-Earth. In her happiness, Erumelmo found his own.

F.A. 472, Elnaira coerced him to join one of the twelve houses in Gondolin, so, it came to pass that Erumelmo became part of the House of the Golden Flower, Bar-en-Lothglor. They bore a rayed sun on their shields, being a Prince of the Noldor, Erumelmo wore a mantle embroidered in threads of gold, it was diapered in Celadine as a field in spring, and his arms were damascened with cunning gold.

Elnaira, subsequently, had twin sons named Fëaranya (F.A. 475), another son, Eäheru and a daughter, Lindalë (F.A. 492).

F.A. 510, when Gondolin was attacked, the soldiers of the House of the King perished as they stayed back with Turgon defending the White Tower to their last breath and amongst those was Túrë.

Erumelmo was one of the leaders of the Golden Flower, fighting a losing war, with Glorfindel in the Great Market. He rushed towards the Road of Arches where Eäheru fought beside Tuor. It was here that Fëaranya joined them, his right shoulder pierced by a fiery bolt of a balrog.

They rounded the Tower of Turgon and Glorfindel and he attacked as many Orcs as they could. By Gar Ainion, Erumelmo took charge of Elnaira. When she realised that Túrë was staying with Turgon, she let out a scream and rallied forth, but Eäheru caught hold of her. As they watched Turgon climb to the tower, Idril called out to him. Before their eyes the tower fell, and a dragon rose over its remains. Elnaira swooned and Erumelmo picked her in his arms.

They followed Idril, Tuor, Eärendil and Glorfindel, as the former led many more out through a secret way, and escaped with hardship through the Encircling Mountains – not before witnessing the epic battle of Glorfindel with a Balrog of Morgoth! Glorfindel saved the lives of many by fighting on a narrow pinacle of rock with the balrog, where both fell to ruin in the abyss, and whose body was retrieved by Thoronder, the king of Eagles himself, and buried with honor.

Elnaira was heartbroken with grief, and longed to leave Arda. She wanted to be away from War. Erumelmo felt it would be safest to move away from Beleriand which had brought his family nothing but grief.

F.A. 534, They broke away from the company of Tuor that made its way to the Mouths of Sirion. Instead, they journeyed east.

Erumelmo however had very limited options, for neither could he survive for a long time in Brethil, where they stopped for a while; nor could they find succour with the dwarves anymore, since relations between Tumunzahar and Doriath suddenly soured with catastrophic consequences when Thingol and several Firebeards were killed following an argument that arose over ownership of the Nauglamír, an ancient and precious dwarven necklace that had been crafted into union with a Silmaril, an even more magnificent elvish treasure.

Therefore, Erumelmo took them away from Northern Beleriand and moved to the south east region of Thargelion. The journey was a long and dangerous one, spanning nearly two years, but they all survived. It was the year 512 of the Second Age. A few other families followed Erumelmo, since they believed in his prescience. The flight was too much to bear for Elnaira and she fell ill. But she endured.

F.A. 538, Erumelmo’s foresight indeed did help his family since, nearly three decades later, Sirion was bloodied by the third kinslaying.

F.A. 540, Morgoth ruled over most of Beleriand.

Erumelmo and his family lived to the North of Mount Dolmed, and Erumelmo renewed his acquaintance with the dwarves he had known earlier. In the years after Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the surviving Dwarves of the Mickleburg (Belegost) did not join the Dwarves of Nogrod in the Sack of Menegroth, and actually attempted to dissuade their friends from it. They thus saved themselves from the calamity of destruction inflicted upon the host of Nogrod by the Eldar and the Ents.

Here Fëaranya and Erumelmo spent time passionately working with stone and metal.

By S.A. 545, the War of Wrath descended upon Beleriand. Fëaranya and his brother both went forth to fight in it. Erumelmo and Elnaira went forth too, but they did so mostly to meet with their long estranged kin. They did meet their father, Oropher, and their grandfather, Ingwion. They fought beside Oropher in mid-Beleriand.

S.A. 590, When it was over, Eönwë asked the remaining Eldar to return to Valinor. Fëaranya and Eäheru decided to stay back, since they had seen the promise of Arda and wanted to be a part of its life. Elnaira did not wish to remain and she departed with her daughter. Erumelmo loved his nephews dearly and knowing the peril Middle-Earth still afforded – Sauron had fled to the east – he stayed back. His nephews and he joined Galadriel’s retinue.

Galadriel had refused the Valar’s pardon out of pride, and therefore, she was still placed under the ban. They dwelt then in Lindon where Galadriel and Celeborn ruled over a group of Elves, as a fiefdom under Gil-galad. Erumelmo was offered his own rule – but he refused.

S.A. 1, Instead, Fëaranya and he helped build Mithlond, after the War of Wrath. He worked with Fëaranya creating objects and weapons of great beauty.

S.A. 30, Númenor was raised. Eäheru wished greatly to see it, and after Erumelmo granted him leave (for Erumelmo realised that Eäheru was not happy living in Arda nor did he wish for Aman) Eäheru moved with the Edain to the island country.

S.A. 700, when Galadriel and Celeborn moved eastward and founded Eregion, Fëaranya desired to follow them, and so Erumelmo complied.

SA 1098, when Tar-Aldarion died, Eäheru left Númenor to return to his family in Eregion.

SA 1400, when Galadriel left Eregion, Eäheru followed and so did Erumelmo due to old filial ties to Galadriel. But Fëaranya did not; he found immense satisfaction and a reason to dwell in Eregion. Despite Galadriel’s advice for him not to stay back, and Erumelmo’s feelings of disquiet, Fëaranya did so at the behest of Celebrimbor.

At this time Galadriel made contact with a Nandorin settlement in the valley of the Anduin, then later Lothlórien. Eäheru and Erumelmo removed with Galadriel by way of the mines of Khazad-dûm to Lothlórien (S.A. 1400). Eäheru had found his home the instant he entered the Nandorin realm, for here he found his heart’s quest. He married Lillassëa of the Nandor (S.A. 1405). Celebrimbor now ruled over Eregion. In Lórien Galadriel and Celeborn had a daughter, Celebrían.

In S.A. 1600, Celebrimbor finally realized his grave mistake and began fighting Sauron.

In S.A. 1697, Celebrimbor tried to make a last stand at the doors of the main fortress of Eregion where the Noldor’s chief works were held, but he was overwhelmed and taken captive. It was here that Fëaranya fell protecting his Lord.

S.A. 1697, In retaliation for the loss of the one Erumelmo loved as a son, he joined the forces of Celeborn’s sortie and in the battle that followed, he was separated from Eäheru. Erumelmo moved with Elrond’s forces to Imladris, while Eäheru moved back to Lórien.

S.A, 1701, Erumelmo attends the White Council and moves to Belfalas with Galadriel.

In S.A. 3119, Eäheru and Lillassëa are given a child. Eäheru names him Celeblas (Silver of a leaf) while Lillassëa gives him the amilessë of Cammiron.

In S.A. 3319, the world was changed.
S.A. 3325 Erumelmo visits Gondor.

S.A. 3327 Erumelmo visits Arnor.

S.A. 3328 He returns to Imladris.

S.A. 3430, Soon, it came to be that Erumelmo joined Gil-Galad and Elrond in the Last Alliance against Sauron. He saw the downfall of another great Elf-Lord – himself greatly wounded, he was taken back to the descendants of the family he had known so well in Gondolin, that of Elrond in Rivendell.

He asked his nephew, Eäheru to join him, but is refused. His pride takes a wound. In his ensuing hurt, he vows to never meet with Eäheru until the younger elf comes to him.

TA 109, Elrond and Celebrían wed. He doesn’t meet with his nephew.

TA 130 Elladan and Elrohir born. He bestows his love on them.

TA 241 Arwen is born and he cherishes her. He sees shades of Elnaira in her.

TA 1000 The Istari arrive. He meets with them, but likes Radagast the best. He respects Saruman but does not trust him. Gandalf puzzles him.

TA 1099 He feels an evil growing in power to the south of Imladris.

TA 1300 The Nazgul reappear, the Witch-king founds the Kingdom of Angmar orcs increase in the Misty Mountains and attack the Dwarves

TA 2061, Eäheru takes his wife and son to meet Erumelmo in Rivendell. Through the next nine hundred years, there are scores of visits between Rivendell and Lothlórien, including the ones when the White Council convened.

They stay back with Erumelmo until TA 2200.

TA 2463, they meet for the formation of the first White Council.

TA 2851, they meet again during the meeting of the White Council to decide the fate of Dol Guldur. Eäheru did not return to Rivendell for another hundred years.

TA 2933, Aragorn II comes to live at Rivendell.

TA 2951, Eäheru comes to visit Erumelmo and meets Aragorn II. He sees a lot of hope for the race of men in Aragorn and his heart is lifted.

TA 2953, the white council meets again.

T.A. 3018, so it was that when the Council of Elrond was convened, Lillassëa asked to go with her husband to Imladris. Celeblas remained in Lothlórien.

Erumelmo willingly did not take part in the War of the Ring and stayed back in Rivendell, with Elrond.

TA 3019, But at the will of the ones he loved, he helped remake Narsil.

On March 15, 3019, Eäheru fights alongside Elladan and Elrohir with Echaglaron in his hand. He is killed in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields by the attack of three Nazgûl.

Celeblas stayed back in Lórien to help against the attacks of Dol Guldur.

With the fall of Sauron, Dol Guldur was destroyed, and Mirkwood renamed again: Eryn Lasgalen, the Wood of Greenleaves. Now the Silvan Elves once again dwelt in the south of the Wood, but these were not Thranduil’s people, but Elves of Lórien, who crossed the Great River to live in a new land named East Lórien, among them was Lillassëa. She did not wish to journey over the sea.

TA 3021, the War was ended, and Elrond departed.

Erumelmo yet stayed back for Celeblas, because he was torn between love for his mother and the sea’s calling. Erumelmo also stayed because he had developed a great fondness for the children of Elrond.

FA 121 But after the death of Arwen, his heart withered and he desired to leave the shores of Middle Earth finally and forever.

FA 122 Erumelmo passes over the sea and Celeblas leaves with him.

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