Race: Elf
Height: 5'7
Age: 97
Family: distant relation to Legolas
Animals: a large black warhorse and a falcon
Weapons: Bow, and rapier

Personality: The cold, emotionless watcher of the forest, he speaks when spoken to, and showsno remorse for killing those who violate the Realm of Mirkwood, or any other sacred forest. He has only had one love so he shows that feeling very little. Compassion, his is only for his lost love and Mirkwood.

Appearance: lean with shaggy, blond hair which covers his eyes. His skin is pale from not seeing the light some time when he goes into the deeper parts of the woods. He wears leather armor and a wooden shield.


Born within the kingdom of Mirkwood; he bound himself to the land and the woods surrounding it. For years he wandered about in the dark places of the forest, learning its secrets and seeing its treasures. Long as he guarded this place, and he has only loved one person, The Human woman, Shana; who vistited mirkwood multiple times. Since her death he wandered with his faithful horse and falcon, Elmor and Garak.

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