Gender: 2
Race: Elf
Height: 6 feet, 1 inch
Age: 3,165 years
Family: Rumil and Orophin, younger brothers; parents deceased
Animals: Anneru, a chestnut stallion
Weapons: bow and arrow, sword, Elvish blades

Personality: Haldir has a tough exterior a soft inner side. He usually exudes an aura of seriousness, pride, and even arrogance, but actually has a sweet and kind heart. Though he does not warm up to stangers easily, he is fiercely loyal and protective of the friends he does make. Haldir is a good, responsible leader able to handle even the most difficult situations, and he is respected as both a skilled warrior and mentor to other wardens.

Appearance: Haldir is a strikingly handsome male with long, silvery-blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He is not quite as tall and slender as other elves but is broad-shouldered and well-built. He is usually dressed in simple tunics and breeches in green, brown, or grey colors. He is hardly ever seen without his weapons ready for use.


Haldir’s parents were killed by orcs shortly after his youngest brother was born, and he was left to care for Rumil and Orophin by himself. When he reached five hundred years of age, he went under the military service of Celeborn. He became Marchwarden and then Captain, one of the most loyal and trusted servants of the Lord and Lady. He also trains new recruits in the art of combat, and travels to other realms every so often as an emissary for Lothlorien.

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