Race: half elf, half witch
Height: 167cm
Age: 1313
Family: Galadriel's dughter
Animals: a giant eagle
Weapons: bow and arows, sword - Hadhafang

Personality: Very wise, yet lost sometimes, she is the chosen one. She doesn't know what she must do, to become the one, but she only knows that she is chosen to do something, to help the End of the World, in order to become the chosen one. She loves Middle-Earth and she'll sacrifice herself in order to save it.

Appearance: She is an elf, but in her blood there is also wizard's blood. She has loong green hair, and her face migth foul you into thinking that she's always happy, yet she's not.


She is Galadriel’s second daughter, kept in secret because of her great importance. She is now married to Legolas, the love of her life. She does not have any children, and she desires none for the moment, for her mind is busy searching answer and solving far more important problems.

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