Race: Sindarian (elves)
Height: 6' 1''
Age: Unknown
Family: Twin brother and Father killed by an unknown, mother died due to an arrow directley after giving birth.
Animals: An extremely fast horse named Alag
Weapons: generally a simple bow and knife, used to great effectivness

Personality: He is quick to laugh and please, but knows what he stands for. He makes friends of most that he meets, and he stays loyal to them. If you make an enemy out of him though, you will do so to you're last breath.

Appearance: Long brown hair, although when it s wet it looks black. most is in a ponytail, but 2 bangs hang from his temple area. Golden-Brown eyes that have a light green rim. Usually wheres a gray cloak, with simple leather and an unknown green fabric clothes.


He makes friends and holds them strong, because he knwos what it is like to not have family. He appears weak, but he actually is one of the best fighters in Rivendell, a trait thought by his father (the mask).

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