Race: Dark Elf/Wizard/Weapon Master
Height: 6'0"
Age: Unknown; he has forgotten himself how old he is.
Family: All alive but dead to him.
Animals: A onyx figurine of a lion that he can use to summon a black lion with red eyes, Arodghash. Also a Black Unicorn with a red horn and yellow eyes. Phantom
Weapons: Two Scimitars, with a dragons head at the end of the hilt, Darkfire, and Icewind, Darkfire has a ruby in the mouth of the dragons head, and Icewind has a sappire in the mouth of the dragons head; he also has a lot of throwwing dagers hidden all over his body. As well as a black Wizards saff with a red serpant dragon standing on the end of his tell with his wings extended straight out from his sides.

Personality: He hates everything about the Dark Elfs word and beliefs. He preferse to try and make friends with other types of Elves and even with hummans and dwarves. He kills for food, to protect himself or a friend, and as a last resort. At times he may loose his patience and become furiouse, or if just has had enough of someone or something he will also grow furrious. This is a time when you don't want to cross him.

Appearance: He is tall for a Dark Elf. He has dark skin(odviouslly), orange eyes, long silver hair, and wheres a black leather warriors suit, with a black leather, magical, claok and hode that can make him camoflage into any sourrounddings.


He was born of a house of great power in the Dark Elf sosietty. He grew up traind because of his abilities in all arrias of the Dark Elf skills. He later diccided that all teachings and beliefs of the Dark Elves were wrong, in every way. So he left his people becomming an outcast and considerred a traitor by all Dark Elves. He found his way to Middle Earth and has benn trying to make his life a good one, but he has to run from the band of Dark Elves that where sent out when he first left and that are chassing him to still, so that he dosn’t get caught and killed. His only friend is Arodghash, a black lion that be summons from a onyx figurine of a lion. He only wishes to live in Middle Earth in peice, but to do that he must first kill the rest of the Dark Elves that are chassing him. There is 500 Dark Elves left that he has to kill, all of which are dividded into groups of fifty, these are the few left over from the orriganal 2’000 Dark Elves that were sent out to kill him, and at that tim they stayed in groups of 100 Dark Elves. So the only thing he has to be happy about is that there isn’t that many Dark Elves left to kill before he can finnally rest in Middle Earth peicefully.

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