Gender: 2
Race: Noldor
Height: Very Tall
Age: old
Family: none
Animals: a hawk, named Galad, and a paint horse he calls Faunnion
Weapons: Bow of the Galadrim, a curved hunting knife, and a shortsword

Personality: He is very mysterious, and close mouthed. Unlike his name, which means Violent River, he can be gentle, being a lothlorien elf. But he has had the training of battle and knows how to use his weapons in a deadly fashion only bested by the legends. Like all other elves, he loves nature and trees. and he thanks the valar for such beauty

Appearance: Sirasgar is very tall, and has black hair cut around his shoulders unevenly and deep dark violet eyes that are almost black. He goes about hooded most of the time, even when on duity in the lothlorien. He is very old. He was even once friends with the great king Gil-Galad. Sirasgar has a great aura of wisdom about him and others show him respect usually. His height adds to a shadowlike arua of power also. Orcs tremble at the mention of his name and Balrogs use it as a swear word.


as i have said before, Sirasgar is very old. He was in the last alliance and even before that, he had grown up with the high king Gil-Galad. Over the years, he slowly grew weary of war and settled on being a simple guard. There he teaches the others and supervises the marchwardens. He does go on few errends for his Lady Galadriel and will have the occasional adventure.
He did have a lover once, but she left him for another. He was devastated, and went into a deep depression for many years until his niece, Taur, managed to get him back to living right. So he continues as a guard now, and waits for whatever the valar have in store for him

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