Race: Sindar
Height: 6'1
Age: born 380 FA
Family: none
Weapons: long knives

Personality: can be aggressive, arrogant and pushy,likes to give orders and tends to pout when she doesn't get her way. Occasionally drinks a little too much. Likes to play hard. Soft and compassionate on the inside, but it can be hard to find.

Appearance: tall and slender, typical long dark hair, usually braided, and grey eyes. very muscular. beautiful as all quendi, but has had a hard life and it shows. extensive 'tattoos' from her time with the orcs, and battle scars.


Born in Doriath, grew up (very spoiled) in the court as her mother was a handmaiden of Melian. Disillusioned by attack by the Sons of Feanor, she went to live alone in the Wilderness. She was captured by Orcs and used by them as arena entertainment as she is exceptionally good in hand to hand knife combat. She gained rank with them and was a Commander in their army until shortly before the War of the Ring when she was exiled for not bowing to Sauron. She went back into the Wilderness, but does occasionally visit civilized areas.

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