Gender: female
Race: Elf
Age: 2,470
Location: Mirkwood
Animals: A black stallion named Ondonë, a tan and black hound called Thronil, and a tame bluebird named Mehina.
Weapons: Longbow and twin knives.

Appearance: Tall and beautiful, with icey blue eyes and blond hair. It falls to about her waist, and she usually wears it in the style typical of most elves. Luinemîr dresses like any other woodland elf, in various shades of green and brown. She is rarely seen without her weapons and archer's cuffs.


Luinemîr was once a joyful elfling growing up in Greenwood the Great. She loved to ride her horse through the forest and climb trees. She was very happy in those days, but in one day that all changed.
When Luinemîr was thirteen, rumors began to spread of orcs and spiders. She believed none of it. In her mind, nothing as wonderful as her forest could ever face evil like that.
One day, she woke to the sound of screaming. Her mother ran in to Luinemîr’s bedroom, her eyes streaming as she spread the news. “Orcs are attacking!” she cried. “We have to get out of here!” Luinemîr jumped up and rushed into the night, followed by her mother. It was utter chaos. Civilians ran here and there, their eyes wide with fear and they searched for loved ones in the dark. A group of about twenty elves were fighting the orcs near the border of the town. Luinemîr spotted her father among them. The orcs kept coming, their wild shrieks striking terror into Luinemîr’s heart. She watched with horror as two elves fell, one pierced by an arrow and the other a sword. Her father stepped forward to fill the gap. He bravely swung his sword, killing two orcs at once.
The biggest orc Luinemîr had ever seen stepped out of the darkness. Luinemîr’s father met him with a fierce onslaught. They fought, neither wining or losing.
As the battle raged on, an orc with a torch managed to sneak around behind. Tossing it into some brush, the trees leapt into a firey blaze.
Luinemîr jumped at the sudden burst of light, but her gaze strayed back to her father, hoping desperately that he would not be hurt — or worse.
Unbeknownst to Luinemîr, an orc stabbed a final stroke into the heart of an elven warrior. He looked back and forth, noticing their leader, Urpz, battling with an elf. He snuck around behind…
“FATHER!” cried Luinemîr. “Behind you!” But her words came to late. She saw everything. The flash of the blade in the moonlight, the dying scream of her father…
Luinemîr turned and ran as fast as she could. Her mother called her name, but it was drowned out by the ringing of the blade that was still echoing in her ears. Her eyes blurred with tears as she ran through the forest. She didn’t know where she was going, she just ran.
Luinemîr ran all night long, never stopping. Without knowing, she was nearing the Elvenking’s halls the next morning. Exhausted from grief, she collapsed on the forest floor, and everything went black.

Luinemîr woke the next morning in a bed in the most beautiful room she had ever seen. There and then, she made a promise to herself: “I will train in battle and never stop until I have avenged my father.”

So Luinemîr, after being found by patrol guards, grew up in the castle. She had every intention of keeping her promise, so she asked all the best archers and swordsmen to train her. Luinemîr practised continually until she was unbeatable. The Elvenking eventually promoted her to captain, and she led patrols every day to chase off any intruding spiders or orc-packs. Nothing pleased her more than when her arrows struck true and her knives drew blood. With every kill she made, a memory of her father flashed across Luinemîr’s mind, and she fought all the harder.

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