Valinor [‘vah-lih-nor] – the realm of the Valar in the land/continent of [b]Aman[/b] [‘ah-mahn] in the westernmost [b]Arda[/b] [‘ahr-dah] (the world); founded after the Valar left their first home in Middle-earth; a blessed land where nothing withers or is tainted; only immortals are allowed to live and travel there; after the attempt of the Númenoreans to conquer Valinor, the realm was removed from the world and only remained accessible to the Elves and holy spirits (Ainur) of Middle-earth by the Straight Road.
Also called: It appears the terms Valinor (actually referring only to the protected part of Aman beyond the Pelóri mountains), Aman, Blessed realm,Undying Lands and Elvenhome (Eldamar) (actually referring mostly to the areas around the bay of Eldamar where most of the Elves live) are used in many cases synonymously.


Pelóri [peh-‘law-rih] – long mountain range on the borders of Valinor; the highest mountains in the world; raised by the Valar to protect the land.

Calacirya [cah-lah-‘kihr-yah] (“The Pass of Light”) – a cleft in the Pelóri mountains made to let the light of Valinor shine on the outside sea and the isle of Tol Eressëa; highly guarded; the city of Tirion is located here.

Taniquetil [tah-‘nih-que-till] – the highest peak of the Pelóri mountains and in the world; on its top are the mansions of Manwë and Varda.
Also called: Oiolossë (Mount Everwhite); Holy Mountain.
You know it from: It’s mentioned as Oiolossë in Galadriel’s lament.

Ezellohar [eh-‘zehl-law-hahr] – a green mound outside the gates of the city of Valmar on which the Two Trees grew.

Gardens of Lórien – domain of the Vala of the same name; place of refreshment and rest; Galadriel’s woodland realm in Middle-earth is named after it.

Helcaraxë [hell-kah-‘rah-kseh] (“The Grinding Ice”) – treacherous icy strip of land that connected Aman and Middle-earth until the re-shaping of the world at the end of the First Age; the Noldor passed it to get to Middle-earth.

(Tol) Eressëa [‘tol eh-‘rehs-seh-ah] (“The Lonely Isle”)- an island in the Bay of Eldamar within sight of Valinor; used to transport the Elves to Valinor after their Awakening; home to the returning Exiles after the defeat of Morgoth; the Elves of this island often visited Númenor in the Second Age.
You know it from: It’s mentioned as the place the seed of Gondor’s White Tree came from (FotR); mentioned in Legolas’s song of the sea in RotK.


Halls of Mandos – vast impenetratable halls where the spirits of the dead Elves are summoned; also served as prison for Morgoth once; located in westernmost Valinor.

Máhanaxar [maa-hah-‘nah-ksar] (“Ring of Doom”) – the council place of the Valar outside the gates of the city of Valmar.

Formenos [‘four-meh-noss] (“Northern Fortress”) – stronghold built by Fëanor after he was banished from Tirion; the place where Morgoth stole the Silmarils.


Valmar [‘vahl-mar] – city of the Valar and their people in Valinor.

Tirion [‘tih-ree-on] – the city of the Noldor in the Pass of Light on the eastern shores of Valinor.
You know it from: FotR- Bilbo’s song of Eärendil, Galadriel’s song of Lórien.

Alqualondë [ahl-quah-‘lawn-deh] (“Haven of Swans”) – city and haven of the Teleri on the eastern shore of Aman; named for the Telerin ships in the likeness of swans; site of the first kinslaying.
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