IMAGES: Copyrighted images published with the kind permission of authors. Please note that the permission for these images was granted for their use in the SSG only; they may not be published and reproduced further without the authors’ expressed permission.

Ted Nasmith “Nauglamír”, “Lamps of the Valar”, “Lúthien”, “Gondolin”, “Tol Eressëa”, “Amon Rudh”, “Tirion”, “Alqualondë”, “Mîm”, “Menegroth” (background from a Lúthien image). Select category icons (see below)

Catherine Karina Chmiel “Huan”, “Haleth”, “Tuor”, “Morwen”, “Fëanor” (both entry and category icon), “Caranthir”, “Nienor”, “Maeglin”.

Jenny Dolfen “Maedhros”, “Maglor”, “Curufin”, “Fingolfin”, “Fingon”

Pascal Boillet “Glaurung” (detail from “Túrin et Glaurung à Cabed-en-Aras” – acrylic on canvas ©2007)

LadyElleth “Arien”, “Tilion”, “Uinen”, “Taniquetil”, “Eärendil”, “Angband”

Liga Marta “Nerdanel”, “Idril”, “Aredhel”, “Finduilas”, “Galadriel”

Marya Filatova “Turgon”, “Gil-galad”, “Orodreth”, “Angrod”, “Aegnor”

Chris Mills “Thorondor”, “Nargothrond”, “Troll”

Roger Garland “Vingilot”, “The Two Trees”

BrokenMachine86 “Beleg”, “Orc”

Gustavo Malek “Húrin”, “Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin”

Maureval “Thingol”, “Finarfin”

lomacchi “Indis”, “Celegorm”, “Celebrimbor”

Moumou38 “Círdan”, “Balrog”

Skullbastard “Morgoth”

Matt Rhodes “Sauron”

Rubendevela “Ungoliant”

Amiroprotein “Amrod and Amras”

Elfkin “Finrod Felagund”

Marta Aguado “Melian”

WilderWein77 “Eöl”

Tolman Cotton “Elendil”

Marask “Silmarils”

Righon “Finwë”

Djohaal “Palantír”

Varda-starqueen “Ingwë”

~nólemë~ “Elros”, “Míriel”

Category icons:

– Ted Nasmith (see above) – Gondolin (c. Places), Kinslaying of Alqualondë (c. Battles and More), Awakening of Elves (c. Summaries), Shores of Valinor (c. Resources)
– Karina Chmiel (see above) – Fëanor (c. Characters)

Artists whose work we greatly admire, but whom we were unable to contact, for one reason or another:

Alice & Angel Falto: “Túrin”, “Beren”
(see Falto gallery on CoE)

J.R.R. Tolkien: “Gwaihir” (image for the Manwë entry)
(see Tolkien’s gallery on CoE)

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