Aeglos (see Weapons)
Aegnor (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Ainur (see Eru, Valar and Maiar – intro)
Alqualondë (see Places- Valinor)
Aman (see ‘Valinor’)
Amon Rûdh (see Places- Beleriand, Other)
Amras, Amrod (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Anar (see Objects)
Anárion (see Men of Númenor)
Ancalagon (see Creatures)
Andúnië (see Places- Númenor)
Anfauglith (see Places- Beleriand, Other)
Angband (see Places- Beleriand, Fortresses)
Anglachel (see Weapons)
Angrod (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Ard-galen (see ‘Anfauglith’)
Arda (see Places- Other)
Aredhel (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Arien (see Maiar)
Armenelos (see Places- Númenor)
Ar-Pharazôn (see Men of Númenor)
Atani (see ‘Edain’)
Aulë (see Valar)
Awakening of Elves (see Miscellaneous)
Azaghâl (see Dwarves)
Balrogs (see Creatures)
Barahir (see Men of Beleriand)
Bay of Balar (see ‘Isle of Balar’)
Beleg (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Belegost (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Beleriand (see Places- Beleriand, intro)
Bëor (see Men of Beleriand)
Beren (see Men of Beleriand)
Blessed Realm (see ‘Valinor’)
Blue Mountains (see ‘Ered Luin’)
Brandir (see Men of Beleriand)
Brethil (see Places- Beleriand, Other)
Brithombar (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Calacirya (see Places- Valinor)
Caranthir (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Carcharoth (see Creatures)
Celeborn (Elf- see Teleri of Middle-earth, Tree- see Plants)
Celebrimbor (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Celegorm (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Círdan (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Crissaegrim (see ‘Echoriath’)
Cuiviénen (see Places- Other)
Curufin (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Daeron (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Dagor-nuin-Giliath (see Wars and Battles)
Dagor Aglareb (see Wars and Battles)
Dagor Bragollach (see Wars and Battles)
Darkening of Valinor (see Miscellaneous)
Dior (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Doom of Mandos /of the Noldor (see Miscellaneous)
Doriath (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Dor-lómin (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Dorthonion (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Dragon-helm of Dor-Lómin (see Objects)
Durin (see Dwarves)
Eärendil (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Eärwen (see Teleri of Valinor)
Echoriath (see Places- Beleriand, Mountains)
Ecthelion (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Edain (see Men of Beleriand – intro)
Elendil (see Men of Númenor)
Eglarest (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Elendili (see ‘Faithful’)

Elros Tar-Minyatur (see Men of Númenor)
Elu (see ‘Thingol’)
Elwë (see ‘Thingol’)
Elwing (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Eöl (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Eönwë (see Maiar)
Ered Gorgoroth (see Places- Beleriand, Mountains)
Ered Luin (see Places- Beleriand, Mountains)
Ered Wethrin (see Places- Beleriand, Mountains)
Ereinion (see ‘Gil-galad’)
Eressëa (see ‘Tol Eressëa’)
Estë (see Valar)
Exiles (see Noldor – intro)
Ezellohar (see Places- Valinor)
Faithful (see Men of Númenor)
Falas (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Fall of Doriath/ Gondolin/ Nargothrond (see Wars ad Battles- Falls)
Fëanor (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Felagund (see ‘Finrod’)
Finarfin (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Finduilas (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Fingolfin (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Fingon (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Finrod (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Finwë (see Noldor – the House of Finwë)
Formenos (see Places- Valinor)
Galadriel (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Galathilion (see Plants)
Gardens of Lórien (see Places- Valinor)
Gil-galad (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Girdle of Melian (see Miscellaneous)
Glaurung (see Creatures)
Glorfindel (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Gondolin (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Gorthol (see ‘Túrin’)
Gothmog (see Maiar)
Great Journey (see Miscellaneous)
Great Music (see Miscellaneous)
Grond (see Weapons)
Gurthang (see ‘Anglachel’)
Gwindor (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Hador (see Men of Beleriand)
Haladin (see Men of Beleriand – House of Haleth)
Haleth (see Men of Beleriand)
Halls of Mandos (see Places- Valinor)
Havens of Sirion (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Helcaraxë (see Places- Valinor)
Himring (see Places- Beleriand, Fortresses)
Hithlum (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Huan (see Creatures)
Huor (see Men of Beleriand)
Húrin (see Men of Beleriand)
Idril (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Illuin (see Objects)
Indis (see Vanyar)
Ingwë (see Vanyar)
Irmo (see ‘Lórien’)
Isil (see Objects)
Isle of Balar (see Places- Beleriand, Islands)
Isildur (see Men of Númenor)
Kinslaying (see Wars and Battles – Kinslayings)
Lamps of the Valar (see Objects)
Laurelin (see Plants)
Lords of Andúnië (see Men of Númenor)
Lórien (Vala- see Valar; gardens- see Places- Valinor)
Lúthien (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Mablung (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Maedhros (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Maeglin (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Maglor (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Máhanaxar (see Places- Valinor)
Mandos (Vala- see Valar; halls- see Places- Valinor)
Manwë (see Valar)
Melian (see Maiar)
Melkor (see ‘Morgoth’)
Menegroth (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Meneltarma (see Places- Númenor)
Mîm (see Dwarves)
Míriel (see Noldor – the House of Finwë)
Morgoth (see Valar)
Mormegil (see ‘Túrin’)
Morwen (see Men of Beleriand)
Nahar (see Creatures)
Námo (see ‘Mandos’)
Nan Dungortheb (see Places- Beleriand, Other)
Nan Elmoth (see Places- Beleriand, Other)
Nargothrond (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Narog (see Places- Beleriand, Rivers)
Nauglamír (see Objects)
Naugrim (see Dwarves)
Neithan (see ‘Túrin’)
Nerdanel (see Noldor – the House of Fëanor)
Nessa (see Valar)
Nevrast (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Nienna (see Valar)
Nienor (see Men of Beleriand)
Nimloth (see Plants)
Níniel (see ‘Nienor’)
Niphredil (see Plants)
Nirnaeth Arnoediad (see Wars and Battles)
Nogrod (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Númenor (see Places- Númenor)
Oath of Fëanor (see Miscellaneous)
Olwë (see Teleri of Valinor)
Ormal (see Objects)
Orodreth (see Noldor – the House of Finarfin)
Oromë (see Valar)
Ossë (see Maiar)
Ossiriand (see Places- Beleriand, Realms)
Pelóri (see Places- Valinor)
Ring of Barahir (see Objects)
Ring of Doom (see ‘Máhanaxar’)
Rings of Power (see Objects)
Ringil (see Weapons)
Rochallor (see Creatures)
Sauron (see Maiar)
Silmarils (see Objects)
Sirion (see Places- Beleriand, Rivers)
Taniquetil (see Places- Valinor)
Tar-Minastir (see Men of Númenor)
Taur-nu-Fuin (see ‘Dorthonion’)
Telchar (see Dwarves)
Telperion (see Plants)
Thangorodrim (see Places- Beleriand, Mountains)
Thingol (see Teleri of Middle-earth)
Thorondor (see Creatures)
Tilion (see Maiar)
Tirion (see Places- Valinor)
Tol Eressëa (see Places- Valinor)
Tol-in-Gaurhoth (see ‘Tol Sirion’)
Tol Sirion (see Places- Beleriand, Islands)
Tuor (see Men of Beleriand)
Tulkas (see Valar)
Turgon (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Túrin Turambar (see Men of Beleriand)
Two Trees of Valinor (see Plants)
Uinen (see Maiar)
Ulmo (see Valar)
Undying Lands (see ‘Valinor’)

Ungoliant (see Creatures)
Utumno (see Places- Other)
Vairë (see Valar)
Valinor (see Places- Valinor)
Valmar (see Places- Valinor)
Vána (see Valar)
Varda Elentári (see Valar)
Vingilot (see Objects)
Vinyamar (see Places- Beleriand, Cities)
Voronwë (see Noldor – the House of Fingolfin)
Yavanna (see Valar)

Abbreviations and Symbols:

LotR- The Lord of the Rings based information
FotR- The Fellowship of the Ring based information
TTT- The Two Towers based information
RotK- The Return of the King based information
* – Unfinished Tales based information
** – History of Middle-Earth based information
double arrow (in family trees) – indirect descent
(i.e. removed more than 1 generation)

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