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The Council Needs Your Artistic Talent!

Have you checked out our multimedia section? There’s some great stuff there…but our wallpaper and screensaver sections are empty. And our fan art section has one measly (albeit extremely lovely) picture in it. Come on folks! If you have any fan artwork, please submit it! And if you have any wallpapers or screensavers, please add your link to it in the multimedia section (if you don’t have a place to host it, go ahead and send it to me and we’ll host it here.)

P.S from Hermitt – there will be coming soon some CoE original wallpapers/screensavers from me.

Fellowship Reaches $300 million?

An article from the AP seems to be suggesting that Fellowship of the Ring may have finally reached the $300 million mark. Must be all those people going to see the trailer 😉 Final box office numbers for the weekend will be posted tomorrow.

Bad news about the DVD’s?

Oh, dear. Looks like there is a bit of a situation concerning the August and November releases of the DVD. A recent policy decision at the British Censorship Board means that two versions of the same title may not be on sale at the same time with different certificates. Go to DVD Debate for the skinny.

Two Tower chat

Come join us in the Council chat room for the Two Tower Trailer and more chat Saturday 8pm EST which is…um…now!

New Downloads

Several new reviews and interviews added to “Magazines” in our Multimedia section. Including Scans & Quotes from The Empire Awards, three great interviews with Cate (Galadriel), John (Gimli) and everybody’s favourite elf Orlando (Legolas). For you hardcore book lovers, check out the Sight and Sound critical dismantling of film and the works behind it.

Where will you be today?

The internet is a buzz with sightings and promises of the long expected The Two Towers Trailer and the official site has expanded their Two Towers section even more (Read More)…

Bono & The Egg

English comedy duo French and Suanders plan to parody Lord Of The Rings on their Easter Special tonight (Read More)…

Updated: Real Audio clip from the show included

DVD Craziness

I’m half-way disappointed by this decision, but the extended DVD version (that is, the one releasing in November) will be rated R. Sucks that not everyone can watch this now.

Bet you can’t buy just one! (Version, that is…)

The Digital Bits tells us that we might have to save up to buy BOTH versions of the DVD’s this August and November. Read why at their latest update!

New Line unveils “Rings” DVD plans, “Towers” scenes

Here’s a new Reuters article that has a little more info on the trailer, as well as some further info on what will be included with the two releases of the DVD/VHS.