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LotR nominated in MTV awards

LotR:FotR may have been cheated at the year’s Oscars, but you can show your support at the MTV movie awards, voted for by the public. LotR is nominated for Best Movie, Best Male Performance (Elijah Wood), Best Villan (Christopher Lee), Best Breakthrough Male (Orlando Bloom), Best Action Sequence (Cave Tomb battle) and Best Fight Sequence (Christopher Lee vs. Ian McKellen).

You can vote here.

Can you fill Gandalf’s…hat? is giving away collector’s editions of Elendil’s Helm, Isildur’s Helm, Moria Orc Helm and Gandalf’s signature hat all reproduced in miniature from Side Show Toys. Enter for your chance to win by May 31, 2002.

New Chapters

added to the History Of The Elves.

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Wizard-spotting in Canada?

The wizards behind the scenes of The Fellowship of the Ring will be in Banff, Alberta, Canada on June 11 at the Banff International Television Festival. Go to Network to read more.

A new Billy Boyd interview

A new interview with Billy Boyd, including discussion about awards ceremonies and why he wasn’t at the oscars, can be found at his official site.

PJ to be taken to court

Peter Jackson’s production company, Three Foot Six, are being threatened with legal action by a horse owner whose animals worked on Lord of the Rings. Read the article in the New Zealand Herald.

The Gap Of Rohan

Today’s Guardian Unlimited reports that Orlando Bloom is slated to appear in the new Gap ads in Britain starting May first of this year.

You can download the two versions of the trailer here and here, from

Quizz Oops

Apologies to everyone who took the “M’s FOTR Quizz #1” one of the answers was set incorrectly.

A new quizz will appear in it’s place soon.

We all like it

Tolkien fans debate Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring. Consensus: It is a spoof; Mr. Jackson not guilty of desecration of Tolkien’s work. This is a thought provoking article, read all about it at: Ave Maria College News

And that’s just to start…

Here is a J.R.R. Tolkien letter at Christie’s that is being actioned off. Bid on it if you can–it’s estimated worth is 10-15 THOUSAND US dollars!