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The key to fun…

…just might be with a Lord of the Rings inspired keychain from Basic Fun. There are three kinds to choose from: One is the One Ring, which has the Elvish script light up, another is a miniature of Frodo’s house (peek in–there’s Gandalf!), and still another is Sting–it glows blue when you press the button!

$5 Coupon just for you

So you want to pre-order LOTR or buy that Arwen pendant but it’s just a little more then you were hoping to spend. Never fear, we’ve got a five dollar coupon you can use. If you click the New Line LOTR shop banner in our Store or this link fill your cart with goodies and use the coupon code “April” hurry it’s only good for five more days! (April 30)

And guess what, every purchase helps support this site cause it’s expensive! We love you for it 🙂

Random Drawing Contest Alternate Winner

Last week two random members of CoE were chosen to receive a small token of our appreciation for signing up at our site. Unfortunately one winner has failed to respond in the time allowed, but hey that’s lucky for someone else! So check your Private Messages (see FAQ) or the email you used to register at this site with to see if you are the lucky runner up!

New weekend chat times

Thanx to all who participated in the new chat time poll. The majority voted for Friday @ 9pm (Eastern), the second runner up was Sunday @ 5pm (Eastern) so as an experiment I will offer both times to give everyone a chance to participate.

Continuing the tradition some weeks we’ll have a specific topic and others will be free form. A reminder anouncement will be made every week before chat.

Remember you can use the chat room anytime and as always our beloved Hermitt hosts chat on Monday nights at 8pm (Eastern)

Be the first one on your block to trick-or-treat as a Nazgul

I know. It isn’t even close to the Fourth of July yet, and here we are talking about Halloween. But you might want to look at Halloween Costumes 4 U, if you don’t want to go as a pumpkin again this year…I know I don’t…

Fellowship of the Ring fans help the economy tells us that AOL Time Warner’s revenue and cash flow beat analyst’s modest projections in the first quarter, as the strong box office performance of Lord of the Rings helped to blunt the impact of a 13 per cent decrease in advertising revenue. You go!

A nice ring…

At Mystic Caravan, you can purchase an Elvish love ring that will make your heart sing.

Orlando talks about Legolas!

Get ready for this one. It has pictures. But I only read it for the articles. Here at TeenMag there is a bit of Bloom bio stuff, how he got the role, his take on Legolas, the skills you need to be a warrior elf, and more.

Frodo! Stop that!

Well, I read this, and then found that I couldn’t decide how to write the introduction for this one. It is Elijah Wood’s latest film. It is just too difficult to type this without getting silly. Here is the link: The Hollywood Reporter . Bye.

Contest Extended

The Council Of Elrond Parody Contest has been extended for the next 2 months. That gives you plenty of time to come up with something really funny.

You could win a great collectible prize. Watch the contest rules for updates on submission deadlines and contest rules.